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“The Man and The Whisper”




What if…,



The haunting past,

The heart of anxiety,

The present limitations,

The lack of belief in myself,

Uncertainty of knowing myself,


These are the lions in my den,

The lighting and thunder in my storm,

The dark walls enclosing on my shoulders,

The waves that are ready to pummel me in my ocean of lif...

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The Voyager's Song

The Voyager's Song


I see the shoreline,

black and unremarked

sleeping in secret, supine,

an open door, strong

as a broad Yorkshire


weak as rags of sea mist.


Soon I shall fetch upon its sands,

where cold silence reigns

uninvited like the early dawn.


Beside me shall burn,

in isolation and awe,

the last bright flower

of an ancient memory...

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Typical Day

Staring out of window

admiring nature’s awe


Picture full of perfection

sans single evident flaw


 Indolent tepid sunshine

 streaks daubed with gold


As if time has stood still

to treasure and behold


A lone cloud high above

seemingly gone astray


Wending its way towards

blurred horizon far away


The trees swaying gently

with gusts of ...

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