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turning point

Part of my disorder

is that consistancy isn't real

every day is a wave that I am forced to ride

I want to grab each day by the horns

I don't want to be on a ride anymore

I want to be the driver

I want to set the pace of my days 

I will see a time where this is my present

and not just a fantasy

I will have control over my life

one day


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Fears of being rotten to the core

entry picture


Here I sit with a candle lit

As I rest and wait to commit.

To a life of blue skies and angels,

As I try to ignore the pain sensation.

Whilst being overcome with isolation.


Trying in vain to think of happy thoughts,

As the devil looks on and applauds,

And laughs and jeers right in my face,

Since he knows that he is winning the race,

As he picks up a faster pace.


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DepressionIf? hopeless feelings down depressionisolationmoodssad poemsvoices

Spring Mood

entry picture

I am in a spring mood today,
For me it’s always Sunday.
I walk with a charming smile
As I have my own and unique life style.

I don’t care if it’s winter or autumn,
I always sing my own anthem.
Wednesday looks at Friday with envy,
So what? Sundays are plenty!

I walk and I smile.
There is nothing that can rile.
Autumn, fogs and rain?
So what? It’s not the main!

The main is my mood,
The second is my foo...

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Tide Turn

A full moon, and the tide swollen by rain;

Rain lashing on the window, wild as rage -

My pen is stirring on the unspoilt page

In scribble circles, feeling round this pain.


Like tunnels leading deeper than my mind,

Or ropes in hopeless tangles, loosely curled,

Sprawling intestines looped around the world

My pen describes; this pain is ill-defined.


The ...

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