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She woke up with jitters

Drenched in sweat were her clothes

She didn't know what had happened

Watching all around, into darkness she tore


Something was causing the goosebumps

On her hands and the back of her neck

She chose to ponder around

Ignoring the sirens in her head


"I did have some friends with me

What were their names?"

Her mind was a mess

Was she ...

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Waiting For Miss Write

Waiting For Miss Write.


“I like you”, I said,

without the need for thumbs pointing to the sky.

She smiled, a beautiful smile.

Her face unlike a circle with U lips.


We parted on a kiss

that had nothing to do with sex or X.

Promising that we’d talk again

later in the week.


The phone box on the corner

wasn’t mobile - so I was.

I walked ...

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Something is Coming


Beneath the biscuit-bitten moon of dawn

Something’s coming.

There’s a hint of something unknown,

unprecedented enough that even the howling wind has flaked

To something spider-thin;

To the bare wire frames of lyricism.



Since then, the sky has darkened.



And static has started to  skitter across asphalt and window-frames.




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