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Here in the verdant meadows

All on a summer’s day

The dreaded army of the dark

Met with the noble fey

They fought until the long sundown

And the lost blood of the dead

Soaked into the sacred ground

And turned the roses red


When the fight was over

And the legion of the flies

Had swarmed across the corpses

Stealing hope from sightless eyes

The scarecrow from the hedgerow

Ventured out across the plain

And stole gold rings and bracelets

From the bodies of the slain


Into his patchwork pockets

He placed the magic hoard

Ignoring the accusations

Of the black crows as they soared

Above his shameful head

chastising his evil deed

and the damning motivation

spurred by avarice and greed


As day turned into night

the corrupt scarecrow left that place

And a pale light was cast

Upon his twisted upturned face

For when a heart is blackened

It’s no surprise that very soon

Even a kind and gentle soul

Will end up howling at the moon


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Ian Whiteley

Wed 28th Oct 2020 12:28

thank you for the 'likes' and kind words - I'm really pleased these dark tales are being appreciated - it's a compelling project - and the words are just the start. I hope to record the rest of the songs in the series during November (Covid permitting) and will be releasing them as a CD and illustrated book later in the year/early next year- it keeps me busy ?

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Thu 22nd Oct 2020 14:32

This was very compelling. You described the blacken heart well and how it consumes. Stirring.
I respect this piece very much.
Thank you

- one thing, "of the black crows" perhaps could be "from the black crows" if possible. Just for syllables/rhythm.

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