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Starlight Ever After

Wild rattlesnakes wrestle with their shakes.

Slithering through the decay,

of a rusted red Chevrolet.

Roaches top the food chain.

Gargantuan size and strength

with razor fangs.

Everything turned prey.

You told me you want to die

in another time and place.

When and where the starlight

still shined through space.


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There’s a war going on and on and on and on

There’s a war going on and on and on and on

Mr President Mr Chairman

the world is not your apocalypse


you are no saviours



is not

a bargaining chip



are not

golf clubs or basketballs


murder by missi...

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Spoken word + musicSatirepoetpolitical poemApocalypse

BBQ vodka (04/29/2020)

cues caught in smoke 
swallowed iron, made malleable 
by the heavy forkes tongues
of embellished pleasantries. 

in the coals, we pray 
to find our best selves 
And thru temperance 
make them better. 

ride, pale horses, ride 
ride wretched and clean 
vein-sewn with pride : 
a vanity too large 
to seek the the small and deep fissures
wherein lies the livelihood of 
us: sooten worsh...

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Tyrmelrakkivitarno gods no mastersApocalypse

Metro Cats

Metro Cats
The city is like the one Nostramadus saw
A modern metropolis where everything happens
Life death destruction creation
Around people who inhabit this place
And other locations like it globally

Ready for anything expecting it now
And it will in a massive way soon soon soon!
For we are being prepped for it

Expect the worst!
Get ready to die! 
On and on and on!

Till we a...

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King of Armaggedon

Apocolyptic prophecies foretold

The revelation is revealed

The horsemen make their descent

The angels break the seals

A cataclysmic lunar event

The blackening of the sun

Arachaic scriptures speak

The final days have begun

Kingdoms are torn apart

The trumpets are blown

Each disaster worsens

The wretched are left alone

Angels are now demons

Meterorites incinera...

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Dawn Of Apocalypse

The long night is coming again
And the mercyful clouds come with it.
They take the sun back to the heaven
Then they cry for the human race
Who have been abondoned by the sky
And forsaken by the God.

When teardrops fall on pale trees
They'll be gone as souls of angels.

The long night is coming again 
And the four horsemen come with it.
They bring the storm of hell's manes
Then mounta...

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Apocalypsethe four horsemenfantastic

World's end

Suffocating under the rhythm of your heart beat

Like drowning beneath a sea of thumping marbles.

You are the ball pit, the sand pit, without end – falling!

But who can ever stand when they are - head – over – heels – for someone –


And you pulled me in like a rip tide, a whirl wind, a sinking pool,

Wrapped me up like pig in blanket with your tangled hair

And the salt of it...

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heart breaktraumapassionloveworldapocalypsemonumentsfearin love




In a town called Tumbleweed

sound is deadened

so that every conversation

crawls like a gentle breeze

through cotton wool.


Beggars are kings,

politicians pariahs,

policemen thieves,

priests parasites.

Suzie is a victim.


The streets of Tumbleweed

host sinners, saints and surrogates

sneering into bibles

left to them

by agnostic pa...

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apocalypsefantasygothichorrorurban decayvampiremetaphor

In the name of God and Satan

(I'm aware this is a controversial poem and I hope not to offend anyone but I make no conclusions, I only ask questions)

The nature was deteriorating.
The sky was falling down,
raining pieces of ashy soot,
crashing and burning
and you weren't there.
Why weren't you there?
The birds squawked and screeched
and in-between their cries were mine, calling
and I was reaching out to you.
I ask...

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Trial & Tribulation

Trial And Tribulation.


Blackness all around,

the depths of infinity.

They told me not to look.

A sixteen year old girl

told not to do something.


So I looked………


The slow twilight

as the sun began

to be devoured.

The ghostly stillness

of the cosmos

descending upon

Mother Earth, until,

it seemed,

the whole world


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apocalypsebiblicalblindnessfour horsemensalvationsolar eclipsetrial tribulation

LIMERICK [ˈl̪imʲɨnʲəx]

Apocalypse now...? Jam tomorrow!

That pastor should chill out and mellow.

If it's rapture you're after,

You'd best let me catch yer,

Stark naked, down yon grassy hollow!

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