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Park Life

The light flickers and quivers,

dancing on the ground.

Above my head the summer foliage sways in the breeze.

Thick and luxuriant,

it ripples and undulates like shifting waves of greenery in an ocean of leaves.

I inhale the intoxicating presence of the avenue of trees, 

gazing at sunbathers spread eagled on the grassy slopes

and walkers strolling gently downhill.

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Inverleith Park at Sunset

entry picture

The trees gather at the water's edge,

studying their reflections,


Admiring their own grandeur,

the fine lines of their winter coats

revealed in the pond at their feet,

they murmur approval as they quiver their branches.

I walk amongst them

and worship at their beauty.

The clouds are reflected in the water

and glow as if echoing the opinion of the trees.


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Tribute to John Muir

I sat in the shade of the Giant Sequoia 

and it seemed as if I'd been transported to a summer's day.

Only the snowdrops reminded me it was still winter.

Tears filled my eyes as I embraced the soft, burnt umber bark.

I breathed in its life force as I lay my soft pink flesh on its woody flesh.

Time stood still

and I felt blessed.

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