Cycle Of The Scarecrow

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expanded version of the blog I posted a few days ago - this time covering all four seasons.



Cycle Of The Scarecrow


A Scarecrow Dreams Of Living


A scarecrow in autumnal sheen

thinks of all that he has been.

His age old frame begins to lean

as bitter winds blow in, so keen.

He longs for days of evergreen,

so buys back time, wipes the slate clean,

gives his soul to the pumpkin queen -

the witch who walks at Halloween.


A Scarecrow Dreams Of Leaving


A scarecrow in the wax moonlight

is snowed upon one winters night

and as the crystals, soft, alight

he dreams perhaps some day he might

take footsteps off into the bright

ice world. His skeletal delight

some hours later, fat and white

with snow-flesh -  waiting for coal sight.


A Scarecrow Dreams Of Working


A scarecrow in a cutting rain

watches his slush slide down the drain

and as it leaves, he feels the pain

as bones of wood protrude and drain.

Weak sunlight sows the sleeping grain

as he is called upon, again,

to stand guard over crops – attain

dominance over winters stain.


A Scarecrow Dreams Of Dying


A scarecrow dries in summer sun

knowing that, once more, he’s won

the right of those, which he is one,

to face the crows of Albion.

Then as the solstice webs are spun

and shadows lengthen, day is done –

he knows that he cannot outrun

what summers beetles have begun.





Picture by RadoJavor on deviantART

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Laura Taylor

Thu 19th Sep 2013 09:35

Brilliant idea and well executed. Really thoughtful use of rhyme here, keeping each stanza in the one end rhyme.

I bloody love poems that have a cycle...something so satisfying about them.

The story behind it is great too - bit gothic, bit spooky, otherworldly. Who hasn't looked at a scarecrow and shivered to think of it coming alive?!

If there was one thing I would look at, it would be the rhythm in these lines:

ice world. His skeletal delight

with snow-flesh - waiting for coal sight.

Your metre is so strong in the rest of the poem and it falters a little in these two lines.

Enjoyed this Ian - it's great watching you try out loads of different styles and ideas :)

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Thu 19th Sep 2013 09:08

Really like this. Impressive. Have tried to use the format and failed miserably. Clever man!

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jane wilcock

Wed 18th Sep 2013 23:00

This is a great poem cycle and I empathise with the l scarecrow! Lovely images.

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