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A Belabored Gardening Metaphor

Fertility varies from place to place.
In my hometown, cilantro would take over
The yard if you weren’t careful. Some
People don’t like the smell, but I loved
The fragrant flood of mulch and pollen
Whenever I mowed. (It was the only joy
I found in mowing.) A cilantro haze
Always encircled by volunteer chilis
Standing as spicy sentinels guarding
The perimeter of the lawn with indifference.


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On her mother's step

entry picture

On her mother’s stone step, she sits and dreams

The same step she cleaned and crossed so often

Her dress, crisp and clean in the sunshine gleams

This backstreet beauty, rare rose in blossom


What whims flicker through her wandering mind

Perchance what prospect does life hold in store

Will her journey be gentle not unkind?

Shall her story be one of less not more?



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New show looking for venues from June 2019

entry picture

Looking for venues or assistance with this to perform/tour my new show/performance coming in 2019.. Already have first venue booked for July in Manchester.


'70' A New Decade Of Fun. Is a new performance of spoken word/poetry with comedy which shows that ageing doesn't have to mean that you stop enjoying life and exploring new ideas. That ageing is not for wimps and lets put back humour in ...

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Still 23

Still 23

I’m 46 next week, but I’m 23 inside,
It’s not just old age denied.
I know my body’s knackered
‘cos daily I’m reminded:
the mirror’s getting scary,
I’m sure my face is puffy.

I used to feel so fit and strong,
stand up in the pub and sing a song,
Give me a coffee, I don’t want a pint,
I’ve no time for fools or picking a fight.

I think I’m pretty cool,
my daughter’s face sa...

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Ageinggetting oldhumourpoetry

Cooling Towers

entry picture

Parking the car
out by the cooling towers
breathe the quiet in
lit by the moon
not going anywhere

Thinking on
all those sad miles behind me...

Remember when we were nineteen
kissing in the back seat
tucked into the kerb
lit by our lust
not going anywhere

Thinking on
all those mad miles behind me...

When we were nineteen
everything was a fire
everything was flame
but everyt...

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No one hears

Though they are mine

I have no wisdom

Though they know me

They are deaf


                In their mind

I am a man apart

I am all that is left

I am the helix of their birth and death and being

                Knowing one, I know all

I am a voice

I seek nothing I seek peace

I hear all and I reflect

I see words and I grieve

I sense pain and I weep

I feel ...

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Not dead yet

entry picture

With hair 

all falling out

and sprouting

forth from snout


And knees 

like knotted wood

that once were

knees that could


And eyes 

that push the page


aggravate the rage


And balls

of shrivelled raisins

their mast

knows no liaisons


And spine 

like crippled crow

that once could

hump and row


And tongue

so tired of...

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A Lifetime Of Nights In A Welsh Town

entry picture

Asleep beneath a sodium tongue,
Damp synthetic fire-licked stone,
Fake stone,
Hand made stone,
Carpeting ugly and commodious city streets,

Voices of young men,
Smoke filled lungs and wide wild eyes,
Sanguine chatter-boxes,
Impatiently idea making,

Dreaming, cold-air-breathing, nights on end without closed eyes,
Hearts open,
Some happy numbness in the fingers and toes,
All may rest ha...

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entry picture

My eyesight’s going

My nasal hair is growing

And my hair now looks so grey


My knees are creaking

My elbow joints are squeaking

And my voice won’t work today


As I sit down on the tiles

It’s not good for my piles

And I start to really feel my age today


My back it sometimes aches

My favourite meal is now Corn Flakes

No one cares about what I might have ...

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Between The Hats

I have outgrown both the years

and the clothes

which had my name sewn into them

this doesn’t mean I no longer need help

to figure out who I am

my gloves are no longer twinned

by umbilical wool

but I appreciate you holding my hand

while leading me through this cold weight

I am living in those times

between hats

though if god were bothered to look


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A Step Towards Summer

entry picture

A Step Towards Summer


I look into the mirror’s depthless space,

at what is standing in the shadows cast

by light dimming swift with each day amassed

and passing by me, at a startling pace.

I sprint to catch the future in a chase

that takes me on a journey to the past

and makes me wish each moment used will last

until the day they put me in my case.



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Each Branch I Snap


each branch I snap spills
accusations of every broken neck I ever wished
so out of politeness I bow my head
to show the dotted line,
the hemp tattooed severance knot;
that grace, which allows my hands
such time to forsake the face
of saved history
when everyday swings
the way of an ending that wont be changed
the grass, as always, redder
on that...

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ageingbitternessjealousymalicemissed opportunitiesMoving onregretresignationresistance

I'm growing up - is that a good thing?

It feels like so long since I've written any poetry - nowadays they jut seem like fragemnts that I've abandoned in some book and haven't read again. I've always found it hard to connect with myself fully when writing poetry, and in a way it feels like that's happened again. I miss it. I miss writing for me and not worrying if my writing will sound gushing or "fake". Fake for whom? Really?


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ageingdiscardeddisposableglobal warmingrelationships

poem on my ex and a decade on when we passed 1 another


You don’t see me;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 you ignore me totally cos I mean nowt to you.                                                                          ...

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ageingex girlfriendignorelifewoman

I Aim

I Aim


I aim to be as true to all 

As I have learnt from being small

Tell it like I see it when I'm clear

Zip my mouth if I'm not my dear


Now as time rolls on I find I still

Have a very strong unbending will

None too shy to state my case

Toe to toe, face to face


Tempering the above with concern

For others views where I may learn

More about this world ...

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