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The crows tell of the walking man

Who travels fields by day and night

The walking man who’s not a man

Who strides between the dark and light


Soulless, cursed to stumble through

The endless hedgerows of the land

He wished for life but walks in death

He is the sweet prince of the damned


The hares and rabbits run from him

The fox and wolf walk by his side

He brings the plague and pestilence

And in his steps many have died


He had a life but wanted more

asked autumn’s witch to cast her spell

she gave him rebirth but the price

was tethered by the chains of hell


A prophecy of bone and blood

Of straw and dust and ragged pain

Alive under the summer sun

Stone dead below the snow and rain


the crows speak soft of what he is

he scares them as no other can

they fear the setting of the sun

the long shadow of the walking man


Be careful what you wish for child

For there are barbs in every rose

Each spell that’s cast must have a price

Here walks the nemesis of crows


Take heed of the warnings

What will be will be

The ragged man who walks the fields

fulfills the ancient prophecy

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Ian Whiteley

Sun 18th Oct 2020 18:36

thanks for the kind comments ?I appreciate you taking the time

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julie callaghan

Thu 15th Oct 2020 19:36

Another great addition to the book.

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Shifa Maqba

Thu 15th Oct 2020 18:34

What an enchanting poem!

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 15th Oct 2020 17:48

Great poem, great lyrics, great song!

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