The Evil Tree

I'm going to tell you a story, which was genuinely one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I'd always been quite cynical about the idea of ghosts and demons and spiritualism, but this moment changed that for me and made me realise that actually, we are NOT alone in this world. Please, I know and understand the cynicism of most on this topic, but I can assure you that I have not invented any of this, so treat my poem with the seriousness it deserves.


This day seemed like any other day. We were going on a walk with my family. It was the anniversary of a relatives death and we were walking to her gravestone. I had a weird feeling all day. I just didn't feel right somehow and I kept noticing odd things. Things that reminded me of forgotten events. 


Things I'd pushed away from my mind as a child.


Things I did not believe we're real.


The dark.


The uncanny. 


The Unknown.


I'll begin...


The Evil Tree.


To get to the gravestone we had to pass an old tree

One with a terrible history

A tale that ended, evilly


We walked through the dark woods toward the evil tree.

The mist hung in the way it does normally, but in an evil way.


The trees around the evil tree leaned away fearfully 

Or some of them leaned towards the evil tree,

but less toward than they'd normally be

If it weren't an evil tree


The evilness of the evil tree 

was so great that it hid it cleverly

By looking just like every other tree

But evil


Its roots were evil roots

Taking evil nutrients

That looked like other nutrients, 

But evil


The evil nutrients fed the evil trunk

Like an evil woody chunk

Filled with standard sappy gunk

But evil


The evil gunk was in the branches too

The branches were evil through and through

They were deepest, darkest evil brown

With evil moss up and down

Swaying in an evil way

Like other branches day to day,

But evil


The branches followed on to the evil twigs

Twigs thinly evil; branches evilly big

Growing thinner, ShArP AnD POINTY!

Separating in ways evilly jointy!!

But at the ends of these twigs...


Unlike ordinary twigs...


Were leaves, 



Evil leaves!

EvIL lEaVEs!!!

Everywhere were evil leaves!

Some of them high in the trees!

Some of them were on the floor

And on the graves I saw yet more!

Evil green

And brown and red!

Many of them just lay down DEAD!


And if that were not enough...


I walked toward this evil tree

Unaware how evil a tree could be

As I bravely gained upon this pillar

I saw a hungry caterpillar 

It was crawling in the normal way

Like caterpillars do every day


Slowly, it crawled


Twisted and contorting its body

Up and down 

Edging ever closer

A centimetre at a time

Toward me


I innocently reached down to pick him up


And that's when I noticed


The bite marks


In the leaf


An evil leaf!!


I noticed too late it's evil brown!

And time seemed to just slow down!

I saw its evil greeny hue

And it's evil hairy back

Looking like other caterpillar do,

Ones that don't give you a heart attack

Tick and tock 

The time passed by

I saw the evil monsters eye

Raised upon an evil stalk

Wondering if he could scream or talk

What would he say?!


He'd say...


I'm an evil caterpillar 

I will maim and devour these leaves

Not just the evil, the innocent too

Their life will be a tasty filler

And as their branchy mother greaves

She can watch me as I chew, chew, chew

Just like other caterpillars do

But evil!


And then I'll grow an evil cuccoon

One with plenty of evil room

And hang high in the evil branches

Where nobody would take their chances


Outside, it's still and eerie calm

Inside I start to dis embalm


I flay my skin

And then begin 

To change



And after many evil days 

You think you've lost my evil ways

Until I break

I'm born anew

My evil body grew and grew

The most hideously evil things

A pair of pretty butterfly wings!



And as I had this evil thought

I realised that I was caught!!

The caterpillar crawled on to my hand

But ..

strange enough I felt just grand!

There was not heat nor evil sting

Just this tiny little thing

I realised he wasn't evil

Less evil than a common weevil 

I lifted high, held him aloft

When suddenly he fell back off!


I looked down on him just like a God

Lifted my foot and then I trod!


I now know what happened you see

He passed his evil on to meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


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Matthew James

Tue 5th Apr 2016 00:33


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Lynn Dye

Tue 29th Mar 2016 19:34

Very enjoyable, Matt, made me chuckle.

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