Something is Coming


Beneath the biscuit-bitten moon of dawn

Something’s coming.

There’s a hint of something unknown,

unprecedented enough that even the howling wind has flaked

To something spider-thin;

To the bare wire frames of lyricism.



Since then, the sky has darkened.



And static has started to  skitter across asphalt and window-frames.





Somewhere a god made its anguish heard

And loosed a sadness upon those ears that knew it.

See yourself reflected on pavement

And know that you are drowned.

Not just in the wetness of it,

But in light

from sky and man alike.

Watch as trees twist

To hieroglyphic shapes

And pylons conspire

In their own electric language.



Pull skin tight to your skeleton

And laugh-

Is this it ?


But as the storm subsides

Even sunlight hides

Fearing that


Is coming.



Winter, Blinded ►


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winston plowes

Sun 27th Nov 2011 22:38

Like this a lot. winston

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Elaine Booth

Tue 1st Nov 2011 21:50

I like the ambiguity and hints of the imagery, Charlotte. Real depth to it. x

<Deleted User> (9593)

Wed 26th Oct 2011 11:05

You are a prodigious young talent!! I look forward to hearing/seeing you perform again
around Manchester.

This poem is deep and profound; some wonderful imagery too.

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Fri 21st Oct 2011 21:01

Yes! Something is coming! It's a global question. It's true! But...please, explain: What's that: lots of layers here. Who are they?
What do they display? It looks as my English is really very poor a lot of things I am not sure.

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Andy N

Fri 21st Oct 2011 19:16

lot of layers here, Charlotte and i think a little different from previous stuff i have read and a piece that deserves a few reads which i think is a good thing..

My favourite segment is:

'Watch as trees twist
To hieroglyphic shapes
And pylons conspire
In their own electric language.'

Top stuff - keep it coming! x

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