Our School Was Haunted

Our SchoolWas Haunted


Our school was haunted on this Halloween

All you could hear was moaning and screams

The chairs started groaning,

The floor was all sticky

The slime on the windows was squashy and squishy

The bats and the cats were cooking with witches

And casting a spell of chickenpox itches

The eyelash of spider and toenails of newt

Frogspawn and toadstools made Halloween soup

Brussel sprout pizza and squeezed spots for dinner

Human snot custard and a slug that's a swimmer

Our school was haunted on this Halloween

All those around you were not what they seemed

Possessed by witches, the teachers were flying

They’d boil you for breakfast, unless you want frying

Our school was haunted on this Halloween

I ate my school dinner and then I turned green


Ste Bee



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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 2nd Oct 2014 23:36

what!? no mention of 'elfy pot noodles!

good gear dear! xx

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John Coopey

Thu 31st Oct 2013 18:51

I could cope with most of that but "brussel sprout pizza"? Oh no!

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