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Autumn solitude
in a world of two colours
the rush of the wind.


Chris Hubbard


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Two Line Horror(ible) Story

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I stood there and chanted, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!"
"I heard you the first time," said the Bar Tender.






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Another Two Line Horror Story

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I look into the mirror, an old Woman is staring back at me!

AHH!, oh wait, it's just me.




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Two Line Scary Story

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There are ghost to my left and to my right.

I look at my hand, oh no, I can see right through me.





This was an old writing challange.

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ghost storyline. scarrytwo

Crossroads - my National Poetry Day piece

I feel like I'm at a crossroads,

a path I do not know.

The future's looking complex as a vortex

as I continue to grow.


Do I wait in frantic futility

brazenly biting my lip and learning humility?


I see you stuck in Stockholm

waiting for the day that you finally come home.


Destined for greatness

yet thwarted by gravity and quicksand


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Our story has been told.

Your heart is a black hole,

                    It’s ice cold,

                      It’s so old,

  Please, break the mould.

I loved you then but now,

Now no way,

Never again,

You were the first love,

Now I really need a second.

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