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The next chapter.

Tonight I feel the need. Everyone has a birdie. Mine tell me I am better. I listen and I know. I prefer the book closed, You do not no everything.

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Oh Nakato is it cold

in your little corner of the globe?

You roll around heaven

finding souls to love


I see you in the clouds

of my mind with eyes

that look like ice on fire.


Oh Nakato I know

how good it feels

to hold you in my soul.


Oh Nakato you are on

the other side.

You are with me

all the time.


I dream of you.


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amber aquamarine vermillion

an evening firmament excels

before night blinds are drawn

a southbound hurrying train

and aeroplane simultaneously

crossing on different routes

one heard to hoot the other

twinkling intermittent lights


on a nearby rugby pitch shrill

calls are heard hey pass the ball

sweat-stained the young men’s

shirts who skirt...

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Also by Philipos:



entry picture

Slowly gliding
upon gentle waters
absorbing warmth
and sunshine
from the sky
Tall grass swaying
breezes fluffing
soft feathers
friends land
and bob for food
from my reverie
by the jangling
of the phone
I turn from
my office window

Sighing as the boss
calls my name
I realize
that a mallard
I envy



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Also by Lisa Milligan:

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birth of vino

entry picture


   dark grape clung    the coiled vines    trellised wonder from the ground    blessed by light by rain and earths alliance    perfections of sweetness round      shows once more the vintagers crop    a legacy secured by historys taste                                              little spheres of fruitful  blood    conceived in Adams garden methinks ...

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another kiss

entry picture



Another kiss you’ll never have

you used to say to me.

When I was busy,

feeling tired,

and I would turn away.


If I had known how few

those kisses were to be

I would have spared the time

to give those kisses free.


So now I send those kisses back

ten thousand fold to thee

yes now I send those kisses back.

Wherever you may be...

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A poet writes

Sometimes I write, rhythm words into ideas and images,

Alliterate magic, mix memories, stroke a picture, unhinge an event,

Dilate a story for myself,

For you.


In a space empty of people I may read it aloud, tasting its cadence,

Fearing the caustic stab of my own barbed backlash,

An uncontrolled voice ready to pounce with judgements

As reckless as there are hour...

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Also by martin rimmington:

Fathers Rites. | Come Close |



She reaches out, and the covers heave;

a thick sea moving east, morning peaked, and unforgiving.


an arm releases the sounds of being far away.


He talks to her in his sleep.


She sits, her knees pulled up to her heart,

bent, taken. The still air attracts her gaze to the wall,

 an exact silver,

and she draws her arm up across the running...

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The Chants Of Insects

It occurs in the slur of morning

When the birds have been fed

And survivors of the feast

Wriggle and squeak on the surface.


Bits of insects roll and search

For pieces of themselves

In the bloodwet grass

As the sun bursts.


Waiting for the rain

To soothe and manoeuvre

Those that are left

Chanting on the grass.


But they are not afra...

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Fantasy or Reality


May have to aplogise in advance for this one!  Or just blame Stefan and John Coopey for encouraging me!  ;)


I denied it was happening,

Couldn’t be happening,

I couldn’t be feeling this way.

It wasn’t on the cards for us.

I would be detached,

Impartial, come what may.


I would just be your landlady,

Crabby and out of bounds.

I’m sure this is w...

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Also by Lynn Dye:

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What Tempo Portents


I've a yearning,
a burning need inside,
it knows nothing of limits,
and has no need of pride,
but drives me on with a tempo,
such a tempo, that will never be denied.
Can you reach and help me,
take a grip on this beat within,
it knows nothing of limits,
and cannot conceive of sin,
but drives me on with its tempo,
such a tempo, and so livel...

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Built a cliché house

on overheard sand


opened                                    windows                                 wide


life blew whistles in

took my breath

for granted

sent a shiver down my

jelly walls

percussive cutlery

spooned                       forked                         carved

thin air


home sweet



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Also by Michael Scott:

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Wedding Anniversary

entry picture


We’ve witnessed special highlights and some awkward moments too

As more than thirty August anniversaries by us flew;

But there’s no-one I would rather spend my life with more than you;

I love you, Judy Coopey, and suppose I always will.

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MUSTANG poem shortlisted in a comp...

...and will be published in a book called UPLIFTING MOMENTS



Born out of diverging needs and used in battle, american airframe and english merlin engine creating a machine quite unlike any other. At home six miles above the earth protecting silver lumbering B-17s from murderous nazi fighters, down on the deck filling the krauts full of lead dont tell me tha...

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poems read by me at Ring o' Bells pub, Middleton 28/8/11 | Laughing Crims poem | ANGELICA STRIKES | NICE POEM FOR A FRIEND AND HER MAN | STRONG ANTI LOVE POEM BE WARNED | RAGING RIVER POEM | poems from my complete 15yr poem collection (free download for a bit) | taiwan poems | SPARROW poem | jet fighter air war over the desert | THINK poem | unreal poem on a crazy sad event | living in your car poem | met a nice gothgal and also could have been killed 30/7/11 | COLD WAR POEM | for my old mate RIP | a new poem | varied sublime old 90s poems by nick | STUKA POEM from the other side | death and shipwrecks | CIRRUS pagan poem |

battlefamilyflightmemoriesmustangpilotsthe sky

Though Police

Thought police, no one can avoid them,

Thought police, are out there, thinking ,     

thinking how to catch your thoughts –

skulking in alleys and doorways,

hanging on your every deliberation,

tuning in by wireless connection,

seeking out any unrest, any deviation

from the new norm, the new speak

… the new order.

Thought police created and empowered

by to...

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Alarm Bells Story, as performed at Spark in the Canal Cafe Theatre, London on Monday 7th February

It was a while since I did this, but it seems the right time to put this up...
Alarm Bells Story
It happened in the Vale of Leven Hospital on the coast of Loch Lomond.  Peter, an electrical engineer from Clydebank was there to see his wife Katherine giving birth to their son.  They had been married some months before.  They had a tumultuous affair that nearly ended when Kath...

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Also by Alain English:

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Between Christmas & New Year

entry picture


The  frost is caught in cob webs 
Clung along the hedgerows,
The year is strung between
Christmas and New year and
I'm lumbering back to work,
With a clog of dead leaves
Beneath my boots.
The horses stand upright in the mist
Soundlessly watching me pass,
Long heads reaching outwards
Like something lost at sea.
Somewhere someone is 

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Edwr and the Hart

entry picture

We had no words for “metaphor” or “simile”

That night in the hall; the fire’s smoke

And crackle blazed colour into our faces,

The Skald sang ‘Edwr ran after the hart,

As swift as the river runs’, and that was that.

We feasted on its muscles, lights and guts

Ate ourselves full to stupor, then we drank,

Drenching our lips with honey of the kill;

Drew Edwr on the wa...

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The Haserot Angel |

Mabel's Basque Man and the Stolen Cowshed Romance of Josie the Viking Princess

entry picture

I don't get to keep any (young) man for too long and especially when that Josie the Viking Princess steals (most) of my dramatic thunder. This Gorka the Great, swept into my cowshed and mangle life like a twin tub on double rev and Princess Josie got between us, like washing line sheets blowing in my egotistical wind...so, back to the bottom of the washing basket (no Basque men in there!)


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Also by Hilda Sheehan:

Mabel's Basque Man and the Stolen Cow shed Romance of Josie the Viking Princess | Mabel and the Tiger in a Toy Ice cream Van of Extreme Excitement!!! |

Domestic CherryLower Shaw FarmPoetry

My Florence

entry picture

Half a millennia of footsteps
crossed this courtyard,
five centuries of ghosts
hang around in doorways
as a bright, new moon
sits low in the sky,
offering no prayer
to small devils that spit at stars,
or a lost woman
who follows a different path.

Florence is full of magic boxes
spellbound by humanity,
and centuries of Christ.
Yet secrets hide behind huge doors
and ...

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entry picture

A photographer goes far and wide, to find his vision by his side.  Camera poised as he gets ready, to take the shot as he is steady.  Object moves, may fly away, will it come back? may be one day.  He poises once more to delight his core..  He see's the magic of his sighting, they appeal inviting.  'Take a shot' a fellow man say's, ' once again as I gaze, may I take your friendly face?'  Film r...

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Also by Lesley Whittaker:


Which story

If I were to tell my story, which story would I tell,

Of a brightly painted glory, or a shadow haunted hell

Sharing in the same location, period and cast,

Differing in where the tales begin and in the words delivered last.

There'd need be no deliberate inconsistency in terms or actual plot and

Yet some facts, just out of focus, will seemingly be forgotten.

Like in two sh...

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Also by Mark Mr T Thompson:

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entry picture

The Treachery of  Images René Magritte 

Economics are 
arithmetical facts: 
and politics-
an interpretative smear.
Some historians blend 
(with aims to offend)
those texts through conjecture
the results are a spectre
of what should be 
made solid and clear.

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

An abstraction of events |



       ( A Liverpool story)



If you’ve heard the cry of the Dodo,

Then you’re older than you might say,

For the Dodo today is a no-no,

And its demise is so murky and gray


But the birds of ‘Royal Liver,’ will be soon resurrected,

No longer, will they feel extinct,

This species forever, will be always protected,

When the D...

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El condor no pasa.

entry picture


El condor no pasa.


Dawn was a slobber drooled from fangs of giants.

We willed the canyon clogging mist to shift.

The Colca River roiled beneath the silence,

muffed in cloud.  Snow-caps snarled.  We got shoved

about by tour groups,  guffawing and looking miffed

to see no condors.  Us,  we found some plusses,

hummingbirds,  sierra finch,  Andean swift,


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Considering Colour

The types of radiation which make up

The electromagnetic spectrum are -

In ascending order of wavelengths short to long -

Gamma rays, x-rays, ultra violet rays,


Infra-red radiation and radio waves.


Only the Light Spectrum  is humanly visible.

It permits seven basic colours to our underdeveloped eyes -

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet –


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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

O Sweet Confusion |

God and Science







You ask me how it was she beguiled

My love her love to crave?

She only fixed her hair and smiled

And took my heart for slave.


For it was such a lovely smile,

So wonderful to see,

That it seemed – for one brief while –

Her soul smiled out at me.


We`re wed now, and my grateful heart

Grows gladder every day.

And ...

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2011 One Love Reggae Festival A Truthful Dishonor Not about the Reggae

entry picture

2011 One Love Reggae Festival

A Truthful Dishonor Not about the Reggae

Looking at the future with a smile! Indeed, life is filled with so many struggles so to smile is one of the only options we have as to not go totally insane. The UK 2011 One Love Reggae Festival was held in the location of Hainault Forest County Park, an area in the London Borough of Redbridge in Northeast London. Fo...

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20102011 ONE LOVE Reggae FESTIVALBorough of RedbridgeHainault Forest County ParkLONDONMel X (Mel Ruben)PassportPoetrySoul RebelStageStolen MacBook ProTruthful DishonorUSA


Has anyone else got spam messgaes in your inbox on wol? I certainly don't appreciate bullshit messages from people trying to get me to send money, pictures etc!!


I don't know how they could have access to wol messages unless they are a member and if anyone knows how to block them, please tell me.





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Also by Kath Hewitt:

In a land of broken dreams |

The End of Summer (I)

entry picture
Soon Autumn will be here with it's dusty and driving breeze across fields from the back of your house where poppies would previously dance with you now spit in your face. Autumn will hold your hand when you run to the train station every morning jagged with purpose like it was famous for 15 seconds. Soon Autumn will be here and on the road again with leaves dangling in...

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Also by Andy N:

My hometown |


Into the mist

Read more …


entry picture

My real, true identity

Has faded out.


Lost in a morass of shit.

The tissue of lies

Veils my eyes

Hiding the real truth.


Slow death of a perfect union

No energy left now

To resuscitate

Helplessly I stand and watch.

Desperate for the life

To be breathed back into this broken spirit.


The gargantuan corporate wheels

Of ...

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Also by Manda Lee:




Happiness of a man is not in possibility to chose a woman out of a million,

Happiness of a man is in possibility to allow himself to be with the only loved one.

Out of millions there are hundreds of beauties.

Out of millions there are hundreds of jealous.

Out of millions there are hundreds of desirable.

But… they are not loved.

Out of millions there can be only one...

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Also by Larisa Rzhepishevska:

MESSAGE FROM SIRIUS | I KNOW WHERE THE SOUL IS | A Horse Become the Pegusus | NEVER TALK TO A STRANGER | Can't Be Indifferent | SINFUL SOULS | The Ghosts |


Orphic Mystery


Little read blood spilling 
Salty pipe cleaner soup
Like a myth
Can't get my story straight
Not even a reliable witness
In my own accounts
Says the taxman
That's too fine* 
Spelled out in his letters
Blows and glances
Chopped down again
Turning again
From white to crimson
On the river bank
Trying to make magical flutes from the head

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Getting Our Taxes Back

I was recently asked to write and perform a poem about The August Riots of the UK for a 'Fight Back Debate' in which the young people of Bolton discussed their opposition to both the criminal acts of the young people involved, and the media's focus on youth involvement to the extent that young people have been misrepresented.

This link contains a video of my performance:http://www.thebolto...

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Fading City Lights

narrative, poem about two lovers becoming one. the gathering of two souls in one palm. how patients is a wonderful gift for some true soul mates. and trust is like a shield for their hold.


I’m sitting here with my body
Curled up warm.
Wearing your kiss and
The thoughts that beat you with bliss.
I cross shooting stars when I glance outside,
My patio of the home we share,

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Also by Noori eAli:

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It fills the room in which we dine

at tables doomed for eight or nine;

the champagne glasses deftly clinked,

though champagne isn't what we drink.

The chicken textured rubber duck

and vegetables are overcooked;

rain dribbles down the window-panes,

the walls exhibit aged stains.

The waitress frowns, absorbed, remote;

you make a sound, you clear your throat.......

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Tattoo Suzi

entry picture

You left a lovely tattoo mark on our grey cloud world

Tatoo Suzi

your lovely bones will rattle on down the dirty streets

of Camden Suzi

where the bees go sleep at night only your hair knows

your hair Suzi

we can drink up in the skies by the railtrack bridge

your bridge Suzi


Break the broken heart

paint the damned soul dark

shut the shut down mind


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'ThePoetry Spoke' - Guest Poet- Chester's award winning Kemal Houghton- Open mic- £20 prize!

entry picture


'ThePoetry Spoke'

Great poetry and acoustic music night-

This Wednesday night-  8pm!


La Gondola 

22a Liscard Crescent

Wallasey- The Wirral

CH44 1AE   (a stones throw over the Mersey from Liverpool)

Check us out in the gig guide and view the photo- we're the venue/wine bar that has all the ivy going on lol.


Read more …

The Second Coming

entry picture

Christ has got a Facebook page,
a new account on Twitter.
He’s taken latest photographs,
to publish them on Flikr.

will alert yer first by text.
Send a message to yer e-mail,
dates of where he’s touring next.

Put yer name down for subscription,
to “Jesus Christ events”.
Signed exclusively to SKY
ITV & Beeb are vexed.

Both Oprah & Jay Leno,
battle for hi...

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YOU - not a poem, just felt like it.

There are billions of people in this world, and billions of cells in each person. Those cells came together by fate, or choice, to create each one of us.

YOU could search your entire life and never find another person who looks

just like YOU, thinks just like YOU, has the same experiences as YOU and feels the same emotions as YOU in the same way that YOU do. YOU may not be a world chang...

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Black clouds

Its not that easy

Living under this black cloud

I spend my time writing

Staying away from the crowd

You could say

I'm stuck in the circle

No beginning there is no end

One day is clear and clam

The next Black clouds are back again


I keep getting lost in these moments

Its nothing clever its nothing new

Takes me to places ware

Only the brave on...

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Also by Ian Devine:

Luna Eclipse.... | Just Words |


the dead done gone and did it again


the dead done gone and did it again
the dead done gone and shredded your heart
the dead will whistle their one refrain
the dead they tear your song apart

the dead done gone and shredded your heart
the dead paid the piper but forgot the tune
the dead they tear your song apart
the dead will be your playmates soon

the dead paid the piper but forgot the tune
the dead mar...

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Also by Russell J Turner:

we have eaten them all |

The Air is Still

entry picture

The air is still, quite

The freezing touch of his hand

Death is by my side





This audio was provided by my husband Scott

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Anger | Christ Love |


mother earth

the pink lily flower floats

and plucked from the water’s surface


a love letter

in DNA writ large

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She passed a smile suggesting

entry picture


I let her eyes seduce me as she glanced across the bar

she passed a smile suggesting her apartment wasn't far

calmly and collectedly I held that higher ground

but all the while internally my will it slowly drowned

I was full with raw emotion that could never be denied

when hearts collide it can never be denied


With a look that told her everything I lead her o...

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Also by Christopher Dawson:

Rap aration |

Doomed to repeat itself?

The shop fronts are bordered up where only weeks ago a town sparked with life,

Deserted streets people no longer content to roam.

Ghosts of the riot prowl the corners,

A wall of rememberance thoughts of a City that was once great.

Touching messages from a loved one,

Quotes from the words of stars, do they understand their meaning or is it just a repeated parroted back phrase...

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Standing, with the heel of his left touching the toes of his right,

In the dying dark before the dawn he can see

A path stretching between the platforms.

The steel against his skin is taut, tight, but it seems so far.


Imagined wings sprout from his spine, see-through against the sky,

The feathers fanned against the stars as they snuff out one by one.

His wings feel...

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The Friend You Lost


let go
There have always been two sides
relax the pains
loosen the hurt
you’re not the only one
you’re not the only one
who couldn’t cope

see common ground
at peace...
of course the other burned too
just imagine what they went through
moved too fast? Awful timing? Yes
you weren’t the only one
you weren’t the only one
struggling to move on

Don’t drown these precious t...

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Also by Tom Alexander:

Ashes Blow Over All Things |


entry picture

(Just a bit of fun for Francine)


Above vaulting box

Hot and steamy pumps take flight

Endorphins released..




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Also by Isobel:

The Haves and The Have Nots |

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