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YOU - not a poem, just felt like it.

There are billions of people in this world, and billions of cells in each person. Those cells came together by fate, or choice, to create each one of us.

YOU could search your entire life and never find another person who looks

just like YOU, thinks just like YOU, has the same experiences as YOU and feels the same emotions as YOU in the same way that YOU do. YOU may not be a world changer or a high flier. YOU may be the lowliest of the low. It's nice though, isn't it, to know that YOU are the one and only YOU.

YOU are unique, each and every one of YOU. How fucking amazing is that. Celebrate YOURSELF once in a while, open up, embrace the world and everyone in it, because no matter what YOU may think sometimes, everyone is special. Everyone is Unique.

Except ME, i'm just like YOU. :)

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