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What will it take for you to give a damn? To give instead of to take? Instead of taking and raping the, our, world of her resources, you decide to do an about turn and care for our precious planet. Not to turn the clouds black with smog and car exhaust fumes, no more acid rain in her lakes and rivers. No black seas and polluted beaches full of oil from a so called accident that killed 11 men.

Stop what you’re doing and enjoy this sacred day. Get in tune with nature and her world; she’s a kick arse girl who made the world and all of us. No opt out box here ladies! Journey out to a meadow, a forest clearing or go by the river and enjoy the longest day of the year – Summer Solstice! Leave your car at home, turn off your mobile, kick your Xbox into touch and enjoy the blue skies with delicate Cirrus clouds.

Spare a thought for Mother Nature, what does she mean to you? Are you aware of her power? She’s the sun that gives us life, the stars in the night sky when you woo your lover. She’s everything and more, our protector and destroyer. For me she is my pagan religion who connects me to her and her world. She’s the 5 pointed star of the elements and more, the Goth girl in the poignant song who looks at me from beyond the mirror, the lady in the sky – Mother Nature, evenfall lady.


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