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Tone Poem

Please note that this poem is pure fantasy!


Tone Poem


Oh, really, I find it so unutterably tedious

to be polite when faced with one so odious

as you. And yet, I must say

that you do, at times, take my breath away,

at least when I forget all your manifold flaws,

and the gold stashed beneath your creaky floorboards;


but I don't mean to be too unduly unkind,


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Four seven sixteen

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Dark woods under an evening of a perfect golden sky full of stars 
Wind in our faces,unspoken words,and a few exchanged glances
Everything feeling so pure and beautiful with each drizzle
Yet closer than ever
........And then,I missed you even though you were right beside me
An aura of magnificent & heavenly
Like Time standing still
in that moment and I swear
Our souls sparked and...

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