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My Fault

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What did friends offer? 
Except only talking
I really allowys suffer
My heart is sadly shaking

There was time to judge
Who was a fake or pure 
Until we reached the edge
No friendship for sure

Life is a lie, and fancy
Nobody in reality is trusty
Friendship has no policy 
May be I'm, only, faulty 

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Tone Poem

Please note that this poem is pure fantasy!


Tone Poem


Oh, really, I find it so unutterably tedious

to be polite when faced with one so odious

as you. And yet, I must say

that you do, at times, take my breath away,

at least when I forget all your manifold flaws,

and the gold stashed beneath your creaky floorboards;


but I don't mean to be too unduly unkind,


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