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Terrorist’s never simply come clean

Klashnekoff  laying on the ground at the scene

Not just discarded, deliberately left

For a victim in the future, another parent bereft


In it’s stock an evil surprise is hidden

Placed there to do, the devils insidious bidding

So that when in the lab the expert takes aim

Triggers an explosion, from the stock shoots a flam...

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Fighting evil togetherretrospectionslaughter of the innocentsterrorism

Looking over the shoulder

wasn’t so long ago in past


With hoards of aspirations

and prospects spread vast


Near lifetime since elapsed

never took stock to assess 


All dished if in conjunction

or dealt out somewhat less


Known paths earlier chosen

how divergent turned about


Handful proved pleasurable

few could be done without


In unr...

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Beset current despondency

goads me again to express


Reason for disenchantment

and issues crucial  address


It’s not just plain strangers

but ones considered as own


Despite all indulged civility

apathy in return got shown


Kept seeking sane rationale

 searched the very core inside


Answers did never justify

with none to stand be...

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Fraught Grapple


Now nearly at the cusp of finding logic to the dare

With expended all vigor and resources in despair


Past forte banked upon has since proven wrong

Heart though persistent, head tells to move along


Most of earlier envisaged is contrarily turning about

Staunchest of old values now cast many a doubt


Notwithstanding abilities, I feel isolated and prone


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Assesmentcontradictionhopemisclaculationsretrospectionwinds of change

Relective Grudge










Trying to put brave guise

deep down within I burn


In quest of eternal bliss

notoriety I got to earn


None were expectations

or any of bartered trade


Folly proved true essence

of calling spade a spade


Gave in to most situation

never wished any return


Response stayed hostile

sans as much of  concer...

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A Sea Poem

entry picture


Deep within me  
lay a sea poem 
of long ago;
where air is fresh 
but blusters wildly
when southerlies blow, 
slick and slimy 
mud between the toes- 
mangrove's brackish home.
Whitecaps dance 
in the open channel 
close to where corals grow.
But further than the distance
of childhood ...

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