Malignant Love

I can feel you,
thick in my throat,
threatening to consume me,
slithering through my mind and body,
wielding your alpha power, 
making me weak. 

I curse you, drown you, 
in sunshine and sweet elixirs,
but you refuse to leave.

I am stronger than you think.

I order you and your invisible army 
of pain, heartbreak, misery,
away from my cosmic energy. 

I did not manifest you.
You are in the wrong story.

I am a warrior. 
I am a survivor.

I have no time or patience 
for your stealth ways. 

I am on a mission 
to heal my body,
save my soul, 
help others...
come what may.

Go find fertile dark matter 
to plunder, to play 
your wicked games. 

With my dying breath,
I will continue to cast you away, 
even though I know,
pillowed in my breast,
you long to stay. 


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Thu 11th Feb 2021 01:40

Thanks Aviva. It worked. The virus indeed vanquished! The power of the mind never ceases to amaze me.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Wed 10th Feb 2021 16:47

The courage and determination shines through.
I hope the result will always be:
Virus vanquished, Victory Vautaw


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Wed 25th Nov 2020 20:20

Thanks Paul and Keith. Grateful for your support as always. This piece is the result of me talking to a nasty virus that is trying to attack me. Disease and malignant love has to be determined to stick around writers because we out them every time! Stay well.

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keith jeffries

Wed 25th Nov 2020 17:54


A brilliant diatribe with an unambiguous message. I love every word. Say it loud and clear girl.

Thank you for this

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