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I Will Literally Pay You To Abduct Me

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This evening I am out walking
the static crackles
in the living room
and in the hallway
I lace my shoes
and go out walking

Tree-shapes calm me
dew drops kicked from blades of grass
this act cleanses things
I feel my fangs receding
sense the silence 
breathe back into me

Imagine the TV glow dimming
imagine the hatred in her eyes 
feel the black air cleari...

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Some wrong poems for Halloween

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To children, who are sore afraid
That night-time ghosts will get them:
Fear not, the monsters who will eat
Your brains at night won't let them.


Ghosts and goblins, ghouls and trolls
From these we can't protect you.
We’re going to the Rose and Crown,
We’re going to get wrecked. You
Might just want to lock the door.
Me and your dad will be back about four.



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HalloweenhumourLouise Etheridge

spring of remembrance-

a woodpecker lost to sight

about the gardens

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Electricity Calls

Hover, hover, the birds do well know their place. Past bright squares of warmth 

they grab black wires in black claws. Drops from the sky slicking their already glossed crowns

as electric gems twinkle, mirrored in their dark glass eyes. 

Inside, the yellow squares are not yellow but clear and large, and the birds are not birds but mere 

outlines where the rain does not fall

And thes...

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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

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My mind say's let you go

But my heart keeps on whispering no!

We both want each other's hand

But there are so many obstacles around


We both know that we are taken

And this love has to be broken

How far can we take the risks?

If we both want each others kiss?


Some says, "fight for your love"

'Coz it will fly just like a dove

It will surely cure a broken heart


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Also by Kamilkeyt:

SHE | In Time |

Lonely Dancer

People line up at my door.

I ignore them.

It’s windy and rainy and cold



They line up, 

and frantically shout at me,

asking me 

why the sun is gone inside.


I am drenched,

cold, and rubbed raw

by the wind and snow,

blowing on my face.


I want to step outside,

but people will run to me

and ask me why 

it is raining inside.


I w...

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Also by Claire:

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When You Smile

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When you smile,
Minutes lose all of their seriousness,
Suddenly, it starts to run on your cheekbones
As kids who are wearing the cardigans of innocence
And they quit counting the flow of life,
While your lips edges are getting close to your dimples.

When you smile,
-Especially when your eyes come along with that smile-
And when the laughs open it's wings with all of it's prettiness
Words ...

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Also by Osman Nedim Tamsan:

A Soul In The Clock |


day after her funeral

turning of a key.

A vast emptiness waits inside.

It dares him,to enter

to be embraced by her polar cold absence

and continually pay enforced homage

to the forthcoming tragic aftermath of loneliness.


He will become hounded

by the sound of his own one-sided conversation,

while occasionally sitting,staring at the front door,convinced,

that one day soon,he will hear the


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Also by Rose Casserley:

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5 cents tax on a 1,000 bucks

This is best viewed as video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y63ueEqhUyw

At Apple we are the very best
Techno-wise we can’t be beat
We’re cooler than all the rest
Unlike Samsung we don’t cheat..
Iphones, mac-airs and much more
Our products will blow your mind
Buy goods from the Apple store
The most expensive you’ll ever find
Money-wise there is no contest
Cupertino won’t be beat

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No Happy Ending



Sometimes I feel like there are no happy endings 


He lied

You died

We tried

He hides


Sometimes I feel like this is my happy ending 


No lies

No crying

No trying

No more searching




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Also by Wardah:

Graves Rest | I dream only of You |

when I was young..

When I was young

I wanted to be a truck driver,

but now I am older

and have travelled many miles;


When I was older

I wanted to be a physicist,

but my head became full of numbers and symbols

and I could no longer speak discernible language;


When I wanted to sweat away the books

I endeavored to be a blacksmith,

but now my body is tired

and I want to rest fr...

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Also by nunya:

shards--miles to go... | tangent | feint | retrograde | undercurrents | grape preserves | narrow escape | queued | heatseeker (archetypes) |

During starlight

Glowing windows

stepping the valley hillsides

flickering like fireflies

until surrendering to the superior congregation of darkness.



effigies of Godliness

whitely contrasting with the tenebrous gloom

bleating vocal anthologies of pitifulness.


An Owl unfolds and paley ascends

predatorily ghosting wind whispered fields

while obscured in the fretwork of ...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

precursor to a violent future? | jugging and jigging | Racketeers |

Daughter's illness

Skipping down the sidewalk, hand in hand with daughter
Enjoying silliness in front of the crowd's view
Laughing and then giggling with happiness breakthrough
At the early struggles with cancerous water

She became ill early, driving her to clinic
Being transferred in haste to nearest hospital
So that they monitor that her bones were brittle
And her vitality was a curious cynic

They trea...

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Life lesson

Night Noises

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The pipes ticking,

the radio’s voices quietly conspiring,

the cat as if drunk

clanking about the kitchen,

I practice bare attention

and open myself to it all

the moment

the room, the moonlight

the chair by the window

waiting as if for a ghost

a book upturned, open on a page

I’ve read and reread a thousand times

and train my breath and listen

and recall inten...

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Also by Tom Harding:

Here Is The Truce | Night Work |


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Sharp jagged edges tear through my skull
running backwards and forwards
creating heat, as only your words can

Nerve ends jangle
trying to understand the sensations
of torn skin
of bone displaced
of blood in strange, new places

Then comes the ultimate reward -
my mind is opened


Based on Emily Dickinson's quote:

"If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off I know...

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Also by David Lindsay:

Always Asking |


unkillable 2 (10/29/2016)

I'll never die
heroes never die
does that make me a hero? 
or am I just 

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

azteca (10/05/2016) |

the tragedy of being totally fucking unkillable

The attic

I must have passed this attic door,
Framed in it`s mist of quietness
 A thousand times
I wonder what it was
That bid me now
Accept the invitation
And come in.


This journey
Through nostalgia country
Has been sweet.
Past the old rocking horse
(my first addiction)
My old three-wheeler bike
Upon which - trailing
A panic of pursuing womenfolk -
I first burst out the bonds of neigh...

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

Susan | With Thanks |

Orphan Drive

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As I walked through Newsham Park, down a darkened Orphan Drive.
I came to the abandoned asylum, where spirits they say still thrive.
Inside the old wards,lie discarded wheelchairs and relinquished chains.
Rusty old trollies are scattered about,in these derelict old remains.

Sudden temperature drops are not uncommon, which add to the chill.
Mortuary fridges a reminder of its past, an eerie p...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

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When mercy sleeps

When mercy sleeps

Compassion dies

And love cries for all that’s gone

Because grace has stopped searching

For the lost and vulnerable

And pity has become a dirty word

That lines the rubbish bins of those that have


And all those who have not are perceived

To bite the hand that feeds them

Because they are apparently

Filthy scrounging and greedy

As the needy and h...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Wimpy bar days | Biscuit tin |


In springtime when the forest greens,

And buds dot woodland bed,

I love to view these wondrous scenes

To clear my wintry head;

Where rivers flow among the trees,

And splashes echo on the breeze,

            Where rivers flow,

            Where rivers flow

To bumbling buzz of roving bees.


In springtime when the forest greens,

And life returns to earth,

Once hel...

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Trijan Refrain


They're digging the road up       again

last time it was a water main

this time it's gas replacement

from minor road to minor basement


they're moleing through the grass and dew

the traffic mounts

temporary lights

temperatures rise

and particulates.


They're digging up the road        again

strange vehicles stand back to back

men in red are visible for mile...

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Also by ray pool:


urban disruption

Halloween Dream

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If only I was a super scary eerie ghost

I long to be a grim gallant ghastly ghoul

Get up to all kinds of mystic mischief

And generally play act the foolish fool

I am surely in a Halloween state of mind

Only allowed out to surprise on October 31

A genuine evil deadly dude one of a kind

Well I’ll be a sinister surly son of a gun

I will scare the pants off you guaranteed


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President Trump has control of the nuclear trigger

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They're building a wall on the border.
They question which God you revere.
The military men have their orders
to weed out the liberals and queers.
The nation is ravaged with violence.
His critics are seeking asylum.

The U.S. lies in ruin - go figure 
why the wider world is gripped with fear:
President Trump has control of the nuclear trigger.

He's ripped up the free trade agreements...

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Also by Tim Ellis:

Why Do Poets Like Autumn? |

donald trumpnuclear war


Autumn quietly reaches out and gifts Summer her cloak

To cover the bright capricious head from the change she can't revoke.

Everywhere there are signs of storing and the gathering of fuel,

As the World spins on its restless way to welcome rich renewal.

It's time for Nature to take a pause...for life to take a breath,

Before Winter takes a vice-like grip and all seems akin to death.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


The Ballad of St John’s Square

Sky white as good Afghan heroin.

A prelude to snow upon the wind.

The chestnut tree whispers blind panic.

Her fruits never bargained for this.


Sunday church bells ring out Jazz for Jesus.

It’s Mary’s last night alone in the choir.

She’s fallen in love with the verger,

even though she knows he’s a liar.


Mr Johnson affronted in his doorway,

at the wonderment of n...

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She runs...

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She runs down the 


Catching grasping at her


Faster faster 

Legs akimbo

While her shadow



Words By Dad + Roisin

Foto Tommy Carroll 



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Also by Tommy Carroll:

She runs... | Sir! - step away from the pot |



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They're coming on a train
to a town near you
bald and brainless
they haven't got a clue
claiming to be skinheads
but they're really just dicks
spewing right wing rhetoric
in their rabble of pricks

whether its a great british march
or a concert for the RAC
the words are hatred
that separate them from me
"it can't happen here"
you say to yourself
but watch them invade your town

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steadier than rock

It is not only loving,as a closeness,

but also,its neccessity that drives us onwards

binding,putting the slightest of doubts in the past for good

as if some unseen force had locked it there

and killed off the suggestion that our togetherness might dissipate.


Neither,is there anything to fear,whenever particles of our certain dreams fail to connect

and comfort the colours of ...

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In the valley of despair,
full of aught, but strange thoughts,
where darkness wrapped the welkin
and silence ruled the fields,
a mere lonely soul,
walking in solitude.
The lush green grass,
swayed in the breeze
as the melancholy of the soul,
swooped in the puff.
Prickly paths were those,
yet she felt as snowflakes,
as pain was all around,
utter pain was ruling her.
The valley seemed ...

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Present Poverty

"Please do you have any change spare?"

Only occasionally people give.

Vacant stares usually oppress

Everyday, it is a struggle to live.    

Rumbling stomachs scream and stress 

Time is captive, trapped in such a mess

"You must see, do you even care?"


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Some years ago (about 18, as it happens) I was working on a contract at Fujitsu, near Newton Aycliffe.

We’d just finished for the day and three of us, Eric, Joe and myself, were stood at Reception sharing a bit of banter with the security guys.

“You must be raking it in, your blokes.” says Joe  “You were on last night, this morning and you’re on again now”.

“You’ve got to be joking” says ...

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Also by John Coopey:


The Broken One

I will always be the broken one,
I never seem to find time for myself,
Trying to fix other people's problems,
Putting my own stress upon the shelf

And as the anxiety begins its slow ascent
Like an ocean tide, wave by wave
I feel like I'm tied to the floor, unable to breathe,
Forced to watch as it drags me to my grave

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Also by Eric Berard:

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Standing there on the bourn

out of time, events

the leaves fluttering

I fall prey to dreaming

An aspen is whisperig to me

years go by

An aspen is whispering to me

I feel the vibrations

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Marry Or Divorce

If your shirt has no button
and your trousers are roughen, 
if your jacket is so crushed
and your carpet needs a brush, 
if you can’t find a clotheshorse
and all the time curse
There is only one way out: 
to marry or divorce.

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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The Simplest Hug

The Simplest Hug

The embrace of the one you love,

That moment of togetherness,

The briefest moment, the pause,

The physicality and biology,

The connection psychologically,

The look in your beautiful eyes,

The faintest kiss,

Then we close,

The Wrapped around,

The Limbs embrace and entwine,

The Senses overload,

Whisp of perfume and cologne,

The Ears key in to b...

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Let go of fear

For it doesn’t serve

Truth & love

And Everything left is dust


It falls when the sun rises

Disappears when the wind blows


Try if you must to hold on

But days will go by

The Sun will still set & rise

And So we will grow


Only love remains

Patient or restless

Together or alone

It will if its meant to


Fear not loneliness


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Also by Dan Marino:

Be Honest, Live True | Ray Of Hope |

That's Enough


I don’t need applause

Or any kind of praise

I don’t need affirmations of love

Just a sign, that’s enough.


I don’t need platitudes

Or fake understanding.

I don’t need speeches

Just a word, that’s enough.


I don’t need your tears

I’ve got tears of my own

And I don’t need your anger,

Just advice, that’s enough.


I don’t need your sorrows,

I’ve ...

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(blatant Eliot ripoff)

One fine dark night with a fine dark sky
And fine-sliced moon so bright,
A Cat leapt forth with a fine black coat
And paws of moonlit white;
If I should ask you to say her name
I'm sure you'd tell me that
She's Yantantessera,
Tessera, Tessera,
Tessera Tessera, Cat.

She had no humans, she had no home,
She had no meals to eat,
But soon, by means of a friendly p...

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Also by Marnanel Thurman:

My auntie met a soldier | Kashka |

alva, who is darkness

alva is who appears at midnight

with a mechanical needle one hundred metres long

sucking bleak black blood from the acne scars of mother

alva is here when i am alone and i lock my door

peeling crescent moons of rose red flesh

alva is the sin

that lets me think i can get away with it

the foolish pride

the gluttony

the decaying colostrum from your darkened nipples

alva ...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

silt | seasonal attraction disorder | when a dog returns to consume its own vomit, it does so through choice and not hunger | all we ever wanted was everything | fabric | mechanism | eleuthoromania | opiate rapture in e-minor | i took you to the brightest places on earth so that i could see who you truly are |




“Mum, what’s a laboratory?”


“Well son, it’s a place where

Men in white coats

With hair all over the place

Make exciting things

That fizz and bang and sometimes smell rotten”


“Dad, how can the moon be all those different shapes?”


“Because it’s clever and it can.”


“Mum, what’s a Policeman?”


“Well son, he’s very smart and helpful


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Also by Andy Smyth:

He's there | Dirt | Church | The things we say | My Best Friend |


I am more

I would kill to dance with you underneath the moon. only nature surrounding us as we captivate earth with the way we speak of magic and change. for no one believes I can pick myself back up to be noticed by the sun. 

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you will know

immatured hearts can not seperate love from simple infatution, nor understand the damage such lack of experience can create in ones life. it is motivated by ego & blinded by its need for attention.

matured hearts does not care for mindgames. they communicate. they know that love is playful, not childish. such hearts recognize love as a safe place. home. because love is loyal & trustwhorty. it d...

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free writingheartlovethoughts

Fairy Cakes

entry picture

Fairy Cakes


They believed in a mythical being,

who supposedly loved his creation.

Omnipotent and all seeing -

His will needing no explanation.

They followed his lore from an old book

written by disciples raising the stakes -

that one thing they just shouldn’t cook

were those sinful and bad fairy cakes.


“Good will to all men” they proclaimed

(but the women di...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Mynydd Du | Eater Of Worlds | Rosetta Of The Endless Night |

bakerhypocrisyrefusal to bakereligionsupport gay marriage

Resentment of an Ex Lover

You entered my life and created a world

A life of perfection and a future arose

I had it all but was not ready

So lost it all in a selfish millisecond,

Now ten years later I still regret 

Like a medieval black sickness 

I wish to forget,

I'd do anything to rewind a decade or more

But knowing your with him hurts even more

Life stretched forth and I'm trapped within

I a...

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Also by Luke Hoseason:

Commitment to a Depressive |

Peace is a Place..

Peace is a road leading to the place

where the green of winter is holding fast

against the browns of summer’s advance..

Peace is stepping on wood old as life

on a path damp and wet

and filled with colour, reflections and

the smell of nature in cycles

Peace is listening to the lapping water that

edges and amplifies the sounds

of birds settling all a-rustling on the banks


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Summer will rise again

(Two short poems from my recently released book 'the end of summer' (https://www.amazon.co.uk/End-Summer-Andy-N-ebook/dp/B01LY7YR9K)

Summer will come again 
and the rain will stop spraying 
the air like spilled pepper. 
Leaves will stop crunching on the floor 
and sleet will stop reducing 
your shoes to tears. 
The wind still stop slamming 
shut your back door 
and poppi...

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Also by Andy N:

The End of Summer book new released | Stealing Inspiration |

When you lie

When you lie

I smile, I laugh,
Just look at you face..
But in my mind there is only disgrace...

When you lie

I have seen that look,
know your tricks for some time..
Two timing is in your blood.. ur niether his nor mine..

When you lie

Ur angry, U scream..
Voilent some times..
See the lies in your eyes
Ur infidelity they define.

When you lie

You take me for a fool...

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Also by Raymond Blaze:

Fading love | The reasons we fight.. | Options |




I surf through television channels to avoid facing my relationship dismantle. 

I scan endless book pages to avert realization that my my heart, mind, and soul are now in iron clad cages.

Distraction I relentlessly search. 
Silence is what I fear most. 

A once fantasied happily ever after. 
A life that was full of laughter.

I cannot reside alone with my thoughts.
I'm tongu...

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Also by Amina Fix:

Tags | Words |


entry picture

With his close-cropped hair and his tatoos here and there

And his thin pale face and his commitment to the race

Christian James was well known for going it alone

He drove the multi-story and he died in a blaze of glory.


The owner of the Golf GT

A businessman from Daventry

Got a new one from the factory.


Christian James, youngest of seven

Lived & Died and went to H...

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Toasting and turning myself around

struggling with my soft feathery blanket

donning and undonning

my squeaky eyes peering

through the messy strands

of my newly awoken hair

when i glare at the booming golden sun

slightly reluctant to lay out

edeavoring to pierce through

the shabby,bit-way tarnished curtains

and touch to kiss my honey hued skin

my partly revealing sk...

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