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Saint Em

Saint Em,

It is All Saints Day,

November the 1st

Come of age and six months gone,

Taught us all,

Donor of hearts,

Christian girl,

You’re a Saint to me,

All Saint.

St. Emily.

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The Simplest Hug

The Simplest Hug

The embrace of the one you love,

That moment of togetherness,

The briefest moment, the pause,

The physicality and biology,

The connection psychologically,

The look in your beautiful eyes,

The faintest kiss,

Then we close,

The Wrapped around,

The Limbs embrace and entwine,

The Senses overload,

Whisp of perfume and cologne,

The Ears key in to b...

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Bake Off - Bog Off

Bake Off – Bog Off

Whats the fuss, with the bake off,
It’s moving to Four,
You still have Paul Hollybobs,
His pearly whites assured,

Were all expecting change,
Mel and Sue now gone,
Mary Berry staying with Auntie Beeb,
This winter could be long.

But surely the real question to ask,
Not those, that are bogging off,
But will Paul Hollybobs keep his facial hair,
In a goatee shave off.


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With You, Our First

Plymouth to Dartmouth, rail & boat, we dated first,

Sailed you down, then into town,

Judy Spiers doggie turn,

Spiers of the cathedral, so inspired inside, Christian beauty devined,

Prosecco garden break, strawberries infused on our date.

How we enjoyed the day,

Italiano Totnesio, our first meal togethio, watching downward carnival.

Half birthday cake, surprised you on this rom...

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Can't Wait to see you Tomorrow.

It’s like waiting, for something you bought online,
That you, cant wait to see,
And you know it’s arriving tomorrow.
Better than Christmas Eve,
Cos you know the item you bought is going to be wonderful.

Your wonderful.

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Absence makes the heart go influenza !

Absence makes the heart go influenza !

Miss you, I do.

Not unlike the flu,

Where you give me the shivers,

And shakes,

And a high temperature,

High blood pressure,

Heart palpitations,

Foaming convulsions.

Extreme I know,
In a good way, though!

I miss you I do……….actually it’s nothing like the flu.

OK, I think about you a lot.

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Blue Heart

Blue heart


Cobalt Blue

A bolt from the blue,

We met,

Eyes gazed, as we danced away,

To Justin Timbers…………..…Cant stop this feeling.

Moi, Stone cold too,
Tu, Rosay infused,

We talked,

Eyes gazed, as we yapped away,

Across a table,…………………Full of half empty glasses.


I was going loo,

Bedtime too,

Until I was persuaded,

To stay longer,

With you………………...

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Brexit Football

Brexit Football

17th October pointed the way,

Red Monday it was billed and hyped for days,

Whats wrong with our footie.

It had it all, it curses.

Liverpish and ManUre, there was no verses.

Bore Draw, No Score Draw, No Draw at all,

For my eyes, to the screen.

Attention Deficit Disorder kicked in,


Whats wrong with our footie,

Ten’s of millions spent on a weeks wages,


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L is for ?

L is for ?

L is for Life, Love and Lust,
If we don't grab it, its dust.
Take me, grab it, not hands free.
Because, its us, the two of us
Plus Four. LSLT

L is for Lincoln,
His dreams, his future, he is one.
One of years, and one of a kind.
The man to be, in seventeen.
With Scott at the helm, guiding his ship. Like the Enterprise to go boldly.

L is for Lola, and partner Ted.
Sausages i...

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