L is for ?

L is for ?

L is for Life, Love and Lust,
If we don't grab it, its dust.
Take me, grab it, not hands free.
Because, its us, the two of us
Plus Four. LSLT

L is for Lincoln,
His dreams, his future, he is one.
One of years, and one of a kind.
The man to be, in seventeen.
With Scott at the helm, guiding his ship. Like the Enterprise to go boldly.

L is for Lola, and partner Ted.
Sausages in blankets, asleep in bed.
The jealous one, and Ted the man re-incarn, a canine instead.
But together they fend the beautiful one.

L is for Lottie, Lorraines alter ego,
Phoenix from the flames, not Eagle.
No ego.
Because she is petite and funny, and not sad.
The embers of an 18 year bonfire, fizzling out, so glad.
Happy as in song, Pharrel.
Happy as in emotion, you feel.

L is for Tom. No its not you say.
Well L is for Lancelot, because thats what I feel. (you say)
A knight in shining, a dragon slay.
The sadness you had. Its away.
I'm glad knights of the realm played a part, today.

And so back to the future.
80's music.
Together in electric dreams.
Riding on Starship's Nothing's going to stop us now.
Love you Lottie.
Goodnight, Sweet Dreams.
Are made of this. x

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