That Inevitable Question

A handful of commuters,
On the platform,
Were waiting,

A man -
Some bloke,
Walked past me,
And up to the self-service confectionery machine,
And started making noises: huh! huh! hoohauuh! hooh-hoh!

I asked myself that inevitable question:
Should I turn around?

Should I turn around?
Do I really need to see why this man -
This bloke -
Is making these strange noises?

I decided:
No. No. I don't need to know at all why this man - this bloke - is still going,
Loudly now:
Huhoohahun! Hooah! Hooah! Huh!!
I didn't turn around.
And then,
Of course,
I did.

He was shadow-boxing:
Shadow-boxing the self-service confectionery machine.

Ah! Ha!
I thought like Mister Clever:

Those are Kung Fu-like noises he's making:
Totally harmless.

Totally harmless,
Until he started beating the shit out of it.
Then he stopped and looked up.
At me.
Our eyes locked.
And it turned (for me anyway) like one of those westerns where a man -
Some bloke -
Walks into a bar,
And the piano player stops playing,
And the barman ducks behind the bar,
And some card players look up,
And one of them says:

We don't want no trouble mister ..

So our eyes locked.
I felt a trickle of oh shit! down my neck..

He nodded at me.
I nodded back.
And, with that,
Some quite enigmatic and elusive man-to-man understanding was reached.
Thank God for that.

He went back to punching the self-service confectionery machine..

The train arrived.
And he stopped beating the self-service confectionery machine:
He obviously had somewhere important to go.
And we both got on the train.

He sat across from me,
Picked up a discarded free newspaper to read,

That probably made me ponder,
But ponder to ponder nothing much.


Suki Spanglespost-rock poetrysatirical poetryhumorous poetry

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suki spangles

Mon 13th Feb 2017 09:32

Cheers Kevin,
You are probably right about that. I should be grateful to him; he gave me the idea for this poem!

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kJ Walker

Sun 12th Feb 2017 20:47

are you sure he was reading, and not just looking at the pictures?
sounds like you had a lucky escape.

cheers Kevin.


Fri 21st Oct 2016 09:37

This little piece keeps coming to mind when I least expect reminded me of a movie--Demolition with Jake Gyllenhaal.

you may not be interested at all, I just find the reaction you describe here fascinating.



Wed 19th Oct 2016 02:23

I wonder, now, how many of us would like to smash to bits that vending machine..and thereby wish we were that guy that somewhat frightened us?

I liked this from its very beginning.


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Sun 16th Oct 2016 16:44

A lucky escape and best served cold this definitely had to be told. Life is always strange especially when you have no control over it.


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