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I could write

a thousand poems

inspired by your dimples

and the shadows they create


Poems that you 

could never

would never

should never


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Old wounds have begun to heal.

This new life feels unreal. 

The shadow hanging above my soul.

I was once trapped within a role.

The wounded one full of anger

Dragging his worthless anchor.

Behold look into the mirror.

Now gaze upon your own error.

You thought you couldn't stumble

But it's the season to be humble.

No time for embracing illusion.

The former has reach...

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Closest companion

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Sometimes this fellow follows,
sometimes he leads my way.
At times my closest companion
can still seem quite far away.

I don't doubt he's a dapper dresser,
he's oft spotted sporting a hat,
'though his figure frequently fluctuates
from tall and wiry, down to small and fat.

He is easily seen by moonlight
'though his profile is lower at noon,
and I've known him to get completely lo...

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My moon

The shadows of smudges showing through

Poised over the earth to correct the simplest of mistakes

Balanced perfectly above a tiny peak

my moon

Frantically Orbiting all of existence

Waiting to smear words without resistance

Blank, it waits to pull restraints

Exhaling the tides

my moon

Ridding the lies the sea portrays

Constantly drifting away

Longing to erase what I ...

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She runs...

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She runs down the 


Catching grasping at her


Faster faster 

Legs akimbo

While her shadow



Words By Dad + Roisin

Foto Tommy Carroll 



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For An Afternoon

your fingers
shadowed on the grass
the soft
sound of the leaves
in a pass of breath
as it begins
to rain

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A black pen, a worm chewing through

wood, waiting for flesh.


Crunching its way through shadow.


Candle wax on skin

setting hard in its way.


A flick of the wrist

and the ink scratch stains.


Trying to find a way

to communicate with vision.


Spew out, eat up, digest, reset.


Calculating the way with mind

set to epip...

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