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Wax-Covered Communication

I tried to save you from the world,
but I was too slow.
I tried to put up walls for you.
In places you didn't even know.
But now I'm sitting by myself,
while you're out there on your own.
Wax-covered communication.
On the telephone.


I tried to save the world from you.
The light says to go.
I hope you crash into the wall,
that I built to help you grow.
I am surrounded by my boys.

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A black pen, a worm chewing through

wood, waiting for flesh.


Crunching its way through shadow.


Candle wax on skin

setting hard in its way.


A flick of the wrist

and the ink scratch stains.


Trying to find a way

to communicate with vision.


Spew out, eat up, digest, reset.


Calculating the way with mind

set to epip...

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