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I saw you

I saw you wait

I saw you stared

I saw you walked by

I saw you dropped your shoulders and sighed


I wish you could have seen me staring at you too.

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Mirror cracked

In the mirror

I held a face

that held a face's stare,

In that mirror

the face that stared

stared back at me in fear...


I knew that once

I turned away

that we would meet again

that he would watch

the back of my head and

whisper once more my name.


words and foto  Tommy Carroll 

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Answer to a Prayer

I was kind of hoping,
That you would come along,
Like the answer to a prayer,
And the music to a song.

Like the kind of thing that happens,
At a special place and time,
That will change our lives forever,
Like a fantasy of mine.

The fantasy was there before,
I ever knew your name,
And now that I have found you,
We will never be the same.

So, pardon, if I look at you,
Forgive me if I s...

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Passing Me By

I sit outside and smoke and stare.
At all the people who pass me there.
They do not wave, they do not smile.
Why won't they come and talk a while?

They pass me by without a care.
I watch them go and wonder where.
I go inside and think of them.
But they of me? Not now or then.

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