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24 Carat

Waking up newly in love

Is there a more lyrical thing?

Mind focused on the one

Destined to wear your ring


Dawns depend on your mood

Roseate when things go well

Blue if you're feeling anxious

Black if you're living a hell


Rising slowly in sickness

Racked by aches and pains

Life teeming with negatives

Griefs but no sign of gains


Dawns depend on your...

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Duality Dissected

entry picture

Sometimes black and white become one. 

Gods omnipresecence is seen, white dancing across black. 

Morning comes from night. 

Day breaks and lights the dark. 

Half the world is light, while the other half is dark.

In the dance of shadows, white light reflects colors on dark night. 

Prisms take white light and reflect colors on black night. 

White light, dark night.

Black canv...

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blackdark side of the moondualityGodIntrospectionPink Floydprismreflectionspiritualitywhite

Colour - Black

Although you are

in essence an absence

you are always deliberate,

mysterious and silent,

a shadow following,

a shade from the sun,

impression gives colour

but you remain intact

with none.

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Black and Blue

Black and blue 

A bruise's hue 

And the colors of many others 

Look up at the sky 

On a stormy day 

As the clouds cry 

Blue and gray 

Your silhouette black  

Against the flash of the Lightning above 

It's courage you lack 

And your hopes fly away with the dove 

It's not the lion, I'm afraid, that carries the pride 

But the Lightning that paralyzed you as it bide...

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Hit the homes of the less, Hit the SCUM of the projects, Drop a few bombs in the Sub Culture Urban Market, target the future smokers, smoke the future dealers, pull up in them vans, hand out vans and a few packs of cigs, Fact 79 the name of the game, selling the idea of a pack newports, over the idea of packing for cruises to lands on new ports, grandmamas got them, baby cousins watchin', second h...

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The grey leaden sky covers the land casting a shadow over this sombre place.

Shadows leap from every tree and boulder until they seem to dance

everywhere you look.

Trees stand in stark silhouette against the sky, the wind makes them sway

and creek like skeletal limbs askew.

This is the gothic night of the beautiful colour of grey.


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Hampstead Heath

entry picture

Black crows and a white stone

symbols of eternity

and our small life flows

somewhere noone knows

with or without dignity

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