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before I raised my hands

but not in applause,

she was a live-wire,

pulled like an angel jitterbugging

towards the light of stars in a

wild nocturnal samba or

waltzing past the jaws of bats in

ball-gown of brown and ginger,

this after

bearing a plane-full of young, then

jiving like a flying tiger,

break-dancing on honeysuckle nectar


that ballerina's heart be...

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Twice she looked, and smiled 
I said: "Hello"... She replied 
Before she leaves, I said: “see you” 
She became blushed as the bride 

Again, we met after a minute 
I heard her lovely sighs 
I said: "you are....", she said: right” 
Shaking hands by sight 

Purely, she asked to know 
Are you Farag, Are you poet 
I said true.  But again we met 
To inspire me to write

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You're Welcome

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You're Welcome


Lovely smiles at early morning, 
Poetic voice says: “Hello” 
Shiny eyes yearning look.
 Asking happily “How are you?” 


When did we met and where! 
Few years ago, may be more 
It was crowded party there 
When she shines out of the door 


We had a table, but no talk 
Merrily smile, she looks shy 
Asked timidly can we walk? 
I shook hands, then walk...

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Laugh to Live.

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Happiness, in hands for you.

If you decided, not to be sad.

As a cup of water, to drink.

To clean your thoughts, to be glad.


Sadness, does not need to broach.

It always knocks, worried heart.

But Happiness, with a golden coach.

Asks, to ride happiness cart.


The Brain is yours, “to make use”.

Positively, think of your own.

Feel your value, never abuse.


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You were holding my hand,

I couldn’t help but notice how lose your grip was around my wrist,

Your hand was so soft, 

Cold even,

But I loved you, 

I felt your warmth by one breath in,

Then you let go of my hand,

and I’ve never loved since.

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My child...


I hold your hands
   For you to take a step
   For you to tread ahead
   For you to stand straight
   For you to hold your head high.

Step by Step

We walked together
   For you to gather strength
   For you to gain confidence
   For you to fathom a future bright
   For you to stand to apart upright

Higher the Flight

You rose to heights
   For you to shine
   For you to ...

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Sweaty Little Fingers

Sweaty Little Fingers


1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive. 


"That's not a fish! It's a tadpole!"


1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a tadpole alive

I loved the little fella and I wanted him to thrive 

but he was too small for me so I made him dive 

back into the water.


1 little frog hopping around. I bend and lift him from the ground. I wrap him up all safe and s...

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childhood deathChildhood memoriesfingersfrogshandsnaivetynaturenursery rhyme

A Single Hand

A single hand,

Rested gently in mine.

Held tightly and affectionately,

Never letting go.


I long for this hand’s warmth,

The comfort of being attached to another,

Knowing they’re by my side,

Eternal and unchanging.


Our fingertips caress each other,

Locking each other in with child-like strength.

Our hands are forever bound to one another,

through our slow ...

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Hands of Ankh

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Hands of Ankh


Kanjenga Maargwah,

Ingee – Ingee.

Kanjeng Maargweh,

Ingwa – Ingee.


Ifah Heylamdey -

Mukweyh Fulaniye,

Ingwe – Megwa.



Keysan Pulvavia Zem,

Ingew – Megweh.


Kafaluwahe Mezehen butwa,

Kufulu Kunjeng

Ankh Vit.

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AndersonAnkhEgyptEliEli AndersonhandsKhalliSaddi


You used to ask me.. What does pain feel like?

You told me that there will come a time,

When we will feel the sun, but not know it as the sun,

Hear the wind, but not know it as the wind,

And our ribcages will open out like arms in front of us.


You used to ask me.. If pain was what happened when the wrong hands touched the right skin.

You told me that you were so sc...

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