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My moon

The shadows of smudges showing through

Poised over the earth to correct the simplest of mistakes

Balanced perfectly above a tiny peak

my moon

Frantically Orbiting all of existence

Waiting to smear words without resistance

Blank, it waits to pull restraints

Exhaling the tides

my moon

Ridding the lies the sea portrays

Constantly drifting away

Longing to erase what I ...

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This life, these actions, the situations,

the people I meet, cars I drive, places I go.

All of the above make a life, my life.

What do you make of it?

The same as I do or something different?

Do you sum it up simply or in a complicated way?

My own views are hidden, known only to me.

Should I share them with you?

Is that wise? Not just yet.

There's more to follow...

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One million hearts speak as one; I listen to the solitary one who cries out in eloquent despair. That single wounded heart will claim me by her right and ensnare me and save me from me and I’ll never break it. She’ll bring me happiness after years of sorrow. Her name is?


Rockets are for the benefit of the human race taking us to the stars or for the worst, blowin...

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