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under sun she soaks rays

ultra violet for an old skin,

back's bare, bronzed sad,

ancient the state we're in


young flesh moves nearby

brash rampant limbs shout:

hey! we can do this forever

our bodies know no doubt


we were just like that once

where did all our years go?

why do we lean or shuffle?

is it her, moving so slow?


the white mane annoys me


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Lost and Found

Let me help you flip the switch
Scratch that itch 
that’s been burning 
For some time we’ve been yearning 
for each other
Under the moonlight
we reach for a lover
that’s been like no other

I’ve longed to hold you,
to have you close to me
to feel you envelop me
to have our hands intertwine
to graze my fingers across your body and across your lips
to rest my hand on your cheek
to loo...

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A black pen, a worm chewing through

wood, waiting for flesh.


Crunching its way through shadow.


Candle wax on skin

setting hard in its way.


A flick of the wrist

and the ink scratch stains.


Trying to find a way

to communicate with vision.


Spew out, eat up, digest, reset.


Calculating the way with mind

set to epip...

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