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Millstone of malaise

Millstone of malaise

Discarded like a bit of fluff, in your belly button

Me soft as a lamb, you tough as old mutton

Standing in the vacuum, of your vacant gaze

Like I’m carrying an invisible millstone of malaise.



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invisiblerejected.lost love

Grace and Favour

Grace and Favour

For all that a life that's truly led

provides the anxious soul with balm,

yet a gentle breeze, invisible and calm,

precedes the storm where the meek have fled.


In Summer's graceful darkling glides the hawk

in flight over burnished grain, 'till late

a final stoop unearths its prey: its fate

the slashing shadows where the killers stalk.


Though se...

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Invisible 👻 Ghost Writer

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{Invisible 👻 Ghost Writer} 


The background scenes of a 👻 ghost writer that is transparent and so invisible to the outside world around her as she keeps her invisible identity hidden beyond the fences of her ghostly safety because she has been abused, beaten, verbally abused at the hand's of society and you that has left her broken for year's and as the ghostly female writer hates that she ...

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Invisible Rain

This is a commentary on living, when the living is hard.


Invisible Rain

Dawn has come to smother the light

in my house.

As I douse the candle's flicker

its feeble flame shines at the window,

lifting the road beyond

into patterned pathways, glinting

in the early bright;

the soft rain of midnight's darkling succour

is almost gone.


It will return tomorrow, u...

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Through these halls
I walk alone.
In the classrooms
where I sit with many others
I am still, yet alone.
In the Cafateria
the same thing there goes as well
I am there, yet I am not seen.

Alone is where I am
no matter where I go.
I am here, I am there,
I am everywhere.
And standing there
I try to get
your undivided attention
because I am tired
of being in solitary,
yet I continue ...

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aloneinvisiblelifenot being sseensad

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