Only The Shadow Of Her Face

Oh, then we were inseparable

Nothing could keep us apart

Nights and days we revelled

We shared one loving heart


She's gone now, taken so quick

I watch in vain for some trace

But her spirit refuses to emerge

Only the shadow of her face


Its like her soul never existed

A mirage from the day we met

Did I dream the words of love

That entrapped me in her net?


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Chevaux de Freeze

Pam's very nice so far as she goes

The kind of looks I usually admire

A few quid in the bank is a help

Yet she doesn't set my heart on fire


Nancy on the other hand is poor

She's no Monroe or Lana Turner

More a down-market Bette Davis

A plain Jane, and a bit of a yearner


Just how do you weigh up women?

What should go into the scales?

Why can't I be spontaneou...

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