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Our Journey

Let's escape our separate towns together,
Away from prying eyes,
Where no one knows our faces yet,

And our love needs no disguise.


Let's camp out in the world together,

And I'll hold you through the night,

With your head upon my shoulder,

We sit watching stars burn bright.


We'll laugh and smile discussing hopes and dreams,

And make known all of our desires,


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My Selfish Heart

My selfish heart is just plain happy 

As the world tumbles into an abyss 

Only you and I know how it’s come to this

We’ve found a love like never before

Soon to be judged by those we adore

Our clean hearts true to ourselves and each other

No time now for froth and bluster

Just love seared with joy and heart felt laughter

 Short time, fast journey for two hearts from The Poo...

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LovetogetherluckLiverpoolheartshigher power

Spirit of Friendship

We were together back in the day

Bumping along so ready to play

You called me up, thought me up, as things got tough

But I’ve always been here to walk your paths

To see you shine, to laugh your laughs

You saw me smiling and did believe

I needed to show you it’s not make believe 

This man now with you, can see who’s you

He loves and cares and will always be true

He’ll be ...

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Did we meet, now we have

Perhaps around my 10 I sensed your spark

With you toddling and sparking along your days

As I passed by, you learning to prance, pushing boundaries to play

Easing my mind as I drove on by 

Between mum and dad to my nearby dunes

No metal men then, to spoil its grace

Just a place of happiness, joy a perfect space

My 20 perhaps a glance as we charged around town

You with your s...

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I've been broken for as long as i can remember,

welding together the fragmented pieces of my life will be quite the journey!

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The sun rises
watched it more than once
listen to birds
sing their songs
the sound of rustling
in the song of the wind
the smell 
and close to the ground
branches creaking
from the weight of 
all alone
I've watched the sunrise
watched it many times
yet this time
as the sun crests
the mountain ever yonder
I hear the footsteps
light and crisp
sure but unsure

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For Clare

Nightmares diminish in the depths of my dreams

As the sun breaks the mournful night

The day envelopes the lonesome sky

Darkness open it’s wings and takes flight


The beauty of the dew, sparkling in the light

The warmth of the radiated heat

The splendour of life marching forth

In comparison is a futile feat


For the beauty of a beginning 

Can never compare to the ...

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Glad to hear your voice 
Happy to be with you 
Always, you're very nice 
Whatever you say or do 


Lucky, to be your friend 
To share you fact and fun 
Forever together no end 
Shining heart as the sun 


Among thousand fans 
We're the mates in reality 
Sharing act and talks
Hearts believe in Honesty

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right now i miss you very much
this feeling inside that
i feel you will shrug off
for too much has happened
we've seen too much
done way too much
for this to matter to you
or me but it's there
right inside me
not going but residing
the feeling that i miss you
and we should of done more
gone to more places
cared for one another more
loved the other more
instead of fighting

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My boys

Who knew such joy before they were born

Who knew the joy they'd bring

As an only child no knowledge of this sibling thing

But life with my two boys became my greatest experience 

Brought me endless days of pure joy

They're so close, so different, so very much alike, the very best of friends

My best times ever are when we're all together 

Just sitting, eating and chatting, natu...

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boysgrowing uphappinesssonsjoyfunmischieftogether

Love wins

Their hands touched and the room stood still

Genuinely, completely stood dead still

He held her hands tight across the table

Wanting to shout out but he wasn't able

Wanting to shout she's the one I love

Tearing down values he'd long understood 

Life is for living with no holding back

Only truly experienced with love in full flame

Not playing the margins in some fake game


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Big leggy

It's a time for True Grit

As big leggy would say

We've met this years woes head on and strong

Working together to keep fears at bay

Our spirits always high every step of the way

Nothing can deflect us from our ultimate goal 

True Grit runs through us, so get out of our way

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true grittogetherspirits

Open heart gift

I like to show that I'm trying, I give you the proof so you know I'm not lying, you've had it bad before, leaving your heart slightly torn, I'll put on my nurse uniform and cure you like no ones done before

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romancetogetherFeel good


Sway to the winds

Hoover over the plains of unwritten avenues

Brush away all misconceptions

Death to ifs and maybes

Lay with me in this tornado gliding to the designated mark that is love

Dance with me

Join me in my pursuit of you…of us

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Your incredible response fills me with light.

Sunshine of the heavens frozen in time,

tears of the Goddess of this sacred land.

Of the earth, the sky, the ocean and of Mother Nature.

You, girl part foreign, part of here, now in my life.

Take me for who I am as I do you,

value you what we have and set out on this journey with me.

By my side even when we’r...

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in loveromance poemhappinesstogether

Library Girl

from my new poem book WOW! TATTOO MY BUTT read live in ring of bells, midd, june 2013   Library Girl

She worked in the local library part time.

And liked to read Harry Potter books.

She liked a lad who popped in fortnightly.

He was quiet just like her.

Her eyes sought him out whenever he was there.

A shyness inhibited her asking him out.

In time he stopped go...

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lovelibrarygal and guywarinjuredbombtogether

I Miss You

Hello there,

Angel from my nightmares.

Devil from my dreams

a grey spirit that weaves

its way through my existence.

What a Dementor does to souls

or a Dalek to a human heart.


Even a superhuman heart

can break.


Just ask Logan,

a force so strong

a returning phoenix

could not reignite remnants.


I miss you.

Whatever yo...

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lovelossinternetfeminismtumblrradfemfeminazitrutheternitymissyouherhimthemtogetherforeveralonesilentangeldemondevilsatanreligionzealotryKingdom HeartsDoctor WhoDaleksX-MenLoganWolverinePhoenixJean GreysuperheromutantsuperhumanTime Lordghostmemoryspirit

Natalie. Roberto


Natalie. Roberto

Oh my dear friend Roberto. I remember back to our time, when we made love. Not the last time but the time before. When you were doing your college film studies and were so happy on your future. It was you who said, “Nat, I’ll make the best film ever made.” And his dear eyes were so full of passion, life and innocence. And a love so powerful, I cried, right there. Love...

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natalie poemrobertomalvinas/falkland warforced into the armyfilmunfulfilled dreamstogether





You say you love me, but how can you when you hurt me so?

Now that you’re gone I don’t think I miss you, I’ll find another to

be my kindred spirit.

Together we will be invincible, nothing will separate us.

If you’re jealous and make me a war, I’ll kill you, I swear.

Me and my love will be soul deep. If you were to kill us and

burn our co...

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DICKHEAD (mild swearing lol)



You call me a dickhead behind my back and laugh at this.                                                                      

Come and say it to my face.                                                                                                                    

Ok then, just for you, I'll admit that I'm a dickhead on one condition.                            ...

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dickheadalonetogethereveryone is a dickhead



Met you when I never expected to, you who's just like me. Not a handful, a real lady who I've the honour of knowing. Why fate brought us together, I don't know. What matters is that we met and became friends and more. We have something that is ours, no one can take that away from us. I do love you and now I miss you, though certain people don't approve. Like they don't of my writing o...

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Lift me up to the stars in your embrace,

come to me, bear your soul as I will for you.

Not long now, we’ll be together. I have to watch

my emotions as you come to claim me – when I have

you I’ll do what is expected of me.

Be patient, I have learnt that. I’ve done my best

and will do for you, for us. So come to me now,

be my soulmate a...

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My dear butterfly who flew into my life, you take away my darkness and make me happy. Not sure how long it's been since I was happy and danced close with a real lady and really smiled a real smile. . By your actions of coming into my life, you banished three years of darkness away, gone for good. We went to the art gallery and looked at the pics, you explained what pictures you like...

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butterflylovetogetherbanish three year of darknessnick is happy





You are my summer river giving me my lifeblood.

I am your field of life and together we shine

like all of its flowers. No one else is like you

and they can’t give me all of that you can.

This is a special thing, what we have between us.

It is so important, like the fish to the sea.

We both want no other, only ourselves in lasting harmony.

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You are my crane fly who flutters

on gossamer thin crystal wings,

turning to face the sun as you go through the air.

Now I see your beauty as strong and as delicate,

now that you are my girl.

We enjoy life at our own steady pace

doing our own little bit having a laugh.

I see you smile, your face lightens

in the midday sun as you look i...

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She is the girl from Sheffield who turns heads wherever she goes.

Her name is Anne and she is a uni girl, into bands and cheap student beer.

I met her on the bus while she was going gigging; she invited me along

and away we went to see the next big thing. At that moment I knew she’d

be mine, this raven haired girl from a foreign place unknown.


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sheffield galpoemsextogetherbuslife




Black and orange butterfly flies zig zag pattern over a river dodging speedy dragonflies, low over the water at mad angles. Sense of speed beyond all else. Movement pure and simple. Past dragonfly territory, over the rocky river bank. Looking, searching for what? Something. What?

Feel a little tired. Land on a rock to rest, blur of flapping wings before a halt. Nice to c...

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nice poemlovepeacehappinesstogether

Song in the Starry Sky



Sing, through the flowing tears,
And laugh though it aches,
ask again for love in rejection's face
into the sun's first brilliant rays

Peer into that song and hear its heart
take along these raindrops' prisms
let them glow in the dark of night
its tune your comfort and companion

Hold your friend deep within your soul,
journey into th...

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