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Glad to hear your voiceĀ 
Happy to be with youĀ 
Always, you're very niceĀ 
Whatever you say or doĀ 


Lucky, to be your friendĀ 
To share you fact and funĀ 
Forever together no endĀ 
Shining heart as the sunĀ 


Among thousand fansĀ 
We're the mates in realityĀ 
Sharing act and talks
Hearts believe in Honesty

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The Theater

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The Theater

Today, we're togetherĀ 

Tomorrow, we're apartĀ 

As Cinema .. as the Theater,Ā 

An End for the StartĀ 


Thanks to God for LifeĀ 

To work .. earn and learnĀ 

Pray .. to keep SurviveĀ 

Happiness to reach and YearnĀ 


Surely, you're assignedĀ 

For a role to achieve a goalĀ 

Unless you've that mindĀ 

You need to heal your soul

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Always Down The Front

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Thereā€™s always one isnā€™t there
Slopping beer all over his shoes
Heā€™s jostling for position
Hand secure upon the barrier
But his shoulders arenā€™t quite through
Because a fangirl, already half cut
Is hogging space for two
Arms are sleeves of coloured ink
Hair is blonde and striped in pink
Boobs are large and cupped in laceā€¦
He might try conversation
ā€œI love your tats; the skull, the eagle

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