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I am the unbothered

I am the lava flowing beneath the Earth's crust

I am the ocean's currents surging in the depths

I am the jetstreams circulating throughout the atmosphere

I am the steel blade forged upon the anvil 

I am the steady heart beat inside a monk's chest

I am the booming laughter of a child at play 

I am the cat curled up in your favorite arm chair 

I am the win...

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boldharmonyinner peacefinding tranquility

Music Makers

I will miss music most,
when I leave this life. 

Yes, I will miss family,
friends, spirit guides.

But words, set to melody,
is champagne for my soul. 

Vibrating space 
between the lines

diminishes strife, 
makes me high on life. 

It's a magic carpet ride
to the other side,

where angels annoint wounds,
dreams circle the moon.

Long live music makers,
I love you!


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Tuning In

Can you hear me
on this crowded 

Is the earth turning
to quicksand
beneath your feet?

Let poetic music 
drown the chaos,
set your spirit free.

No more worries. 
Only peace, 
love, harmony...

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Where is the magic?

We all start out knowing magic.

We are born with hurricanes and whirlwinds,

oceans and galaxies inside us.

We are able to sing to birds and read the clouds

and see the destiny in grains of sand.

But we have forgotten the magic

and we feel without compass, alone and desperately,

only selfishness, only pain, fear and darkness.

But, magic of love has nev...

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You came in to this world

with enough light to find

your way out of the dark,

enough kindness to save a soul,

enough love to shift a planet.

Don't worry, you are enquipped

with all you could ever need.

Look with in,

you are drenched in magic.

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That Day Will Come

I pray that I get to see the day. When we all stop the hate. We need true leaders to lead the wayyy. Who's going to step up to the plate? Step up before it's too late. Sometimes I feel like Iam going insane. Feel like iam going to brake my brain cus it's overflowing with pain. Only Love,Unity,Harmony, and Peace; Will relieve the tension that's causing the migraine. The enemy likes to play mind gam...

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The Young Lovers

Their voices harshly clash

and will not lie calmly

or rest in our ears

in peace


They rise loud over all else

and do not fall to our key

but strike out at us

in dissonance


Our song is raised joyously

and the harmonies sing

of the love we know

in concert


We have our air so their words

smash and fall to the ground

they do not stay in sight


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loveyoung loveparentsharmonydissonance

The Harp and the Fountain

I fancy the setting here is the House and Gardens of a very large Stately Home of England.


The Harp and the Fountain

Plucked by tumbled fountain waters, arpeggio

harps cascade clear and bright, flow

smooth as polished marble by Michelangelo.


Above, drawn by light, Heaven's trim barouches glow

dream-like through veils of rainbow'd mist,

arrow South a skein of Tundra S...

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Gently caressed by the breath of the breeze,
branches sway atop tall lofty trees.
Restless leaves, to gnarled fingers, cling
wondering what freshness the new day will bring.

Hopping about on long leafy arms,
fluttering feathers displaying delicate charms.
Beautiful songbirds sing out their sweet melodies
in the grand performance of natures sweet harmony.

Bushy tailed...

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Its 3am.

Way passed the sleep hour.

I stand surrounded in surreal stillness.

This moon shy night admits no ray.

No thought

Penetrates my mind. A church bell chimes:

Tick thrice.

And the deadly silence strikes

That deep dark hole of the head.

Nothing is awake.

Nothing moves.

Yet, something appeals. I know it is out there.

But where?

Minutes tick by.

The dev...

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Our Mark In History

To sit here and quietly reminisce,
is to kindly blow our history a kiss...
A kiss is fondness sent to embrace,
a darling child or yet my lovers face...

My lovers face is mine to gaze upon,
and feel the warmth I've known so long...
I've known so long about this wicked world,
where we wish to see the peace flag unfurled...

The peace flag unfurled would make so much s...

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You are my summer river giving me my lifeblood.

I am your field of life and together we shine

like all of its flowers. No one else is like you

and they can’t give me all of that you can.

This is a special thing, what we have between us.

It is so important, like the fish to the sea.

We both want no other, only ourselves in lasting harmony.

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Clear Blue Air





No need to respond

No talking

No noise

Just silence

Purity found in clear blue air

Sunshine on freckles and wind in my hair

Blocking out


Breathing in deep

Clinging to emptiness

Found on the brink

To talk is to torture

You butcher my peace

Chatter incessantly

Shattering harmony

Feckless i...

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