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Who are you?

and where are you going?

What is your purpose? 

Are you all knowing?

Always here, always near,

every breath I shared with you.

I spent my life right by your side, 

and still I do not know you.

Time, are you just a 

fragment of my mind?

Something we made up 

because our senses make us blind?

Can we not comprehend 

the whole eternity?


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La La Land - some years later - the act

Their hands touched and the room stood still

Genuinely, completely stood dead still

He held her hands tight across the table

Wanting to shout out but he wasn't able

Wanting to shout she's the one I love

Tearing down values he'd long understood 

Life is for living with no holding back

Only truly experienced with love in full flame

Not playing the margins in some fake game


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I understand, I know.

When you look at me

I'm not much else but a ghost.

That needs to let go…

Not everything you've done to me

I've been trying so hard to fix my problems

I've turned are lives into one

Its not you

Understand this for me


You work hard for your girls

I understand I'm disappointing

My words hurt I know

I wish you could see the dark place


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