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Paul Sayer on Blinded by this Covid hype (1 hour ago)

Moon.girl on Blinded by this Covid hype (1 hour ago)

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The riot of ‘85

entry picture

Not so infamous as ‘81

when Liverpool went feral

and anger blazed for nine whole days,

the riot of ‘85 arose

in Toxteth when someone

was stabbed and four men’s freedom hung in peril.


I didn’t know that then, although I was 

stranded in the middle

thinking “What the fuckin’ fuck?!!”

In ‘85 there was a lack

of means to know the cause.

We had no internet to solve...

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Liverpool Song

Liverpool Song                    



A city of wild hopes and dishevelled dreams,

Reclines by the riverside

Waiting for the tide of its times.


A seabound, wavecrowned, tidebound city,

City of white spray and foam,

Crested by gulls, and smiles, and screams,

City on its long way home.


A restless, relentless, unrelenting city,

Troubled by the sou...

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Mersey Poets Perform Under Gaia

entry picture

Some 'Quality of Mersey' poets after performing their odes to our beautiful Earth/Gaia installation by Luke Jerram at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral last Monday. This event was part of the Mersey River Festival 2019.


Photo from left to right: Ruthie Adamson, Jenny Hesketh, Barry Woods, Lucy Pickavance, Michelle Wright and Ali Harwood.

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'The trouble with Derek'

entry picture

( In response to an ITV Documentary attempting character assassination

"The trouble with Derek"

about former  Liverpool City  Council's Deputy Leader Derek Hatton and the furore of his recent re-joining of the Labour Party )


The trouble with Derek :

was that he was a socialist

that he was a militant Socialist


The trouble with Derek

was that he was class conscious


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42 Alder Road, Liverpool 12

There are homes and then there's children's homes

There are children's homes and then there are children's homes 

The one I knew was a home from home

Age four mum and her sister set one up 

With hard work, love and courage 

The biggest house my young eye's had seen

A large dappled wooden rocking horse to gallop and whoop for good

A magic garden with its own small wood


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brotherschildrens homeChristmasEasterHalloweenLiverpoolrabbitssisterssummer

Miss Nancy Robinson

My now long gone Auntie Nancy

My ants in her pants Auntie Nance

Her ideas for me set before I was born

She said "I hope he's a devil, a cheeky little devil"

Then always beside me from that day on

Encouraging that little devil to push his cheeky boundaries

Another mother for me alongside her closest sister

Mother to hundreds through her caring ways 

Dedicated carer of Liverp...

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Made of Liverpool

I am made of Liverpool which means it all

Proud and mischievous born for fun

It's in our blood to want for more

More of everything to stir our souls

We're all together when the world crowds in

Ever faithful to the passions that stir

Red for ever on a golden cause

Blues together from across the park

Fridays, Saturdays music and dance 

Laughter, humour on long walks home


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entry picture



Once there were three offices here

One north, one south

And the regional one above

First time I visited

‘Chelsea Girl’ was below

A security guard stood on duty

Just inside our entrance

They say he sold fruit and veg

When the bosses weren’t looking


Later other shops

Occupied ground and first

If you didn’t take the lift

You could hear their ...

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This is Pros and Coms

entry picture

Hi Every body.. we recently did an interview with Bay Tv Liverpool. If u r ever in Lark Lane on Thursdays pop in Its Free entry.

Check out the video


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Make it a date with Ralph Killey

entry picture

Make it a date at 8pm this Thursday with The PENNY LANE POET Vinyl Bar 88-90 Lark Lane

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Make a date with Pros and Coms

entry picture

Hi Everybody,

Hope you can join us an entertaining evening of Comedy, Poetry and Live Music this Thursday at 8pm at Vinyl Bar, Lark Lane.  Admission is FREE.


Acts Include:

Liverpool  Acoustic Songwriter of the Year- Vanessa Murray








Talented Wordsmith – Reece Goldstrein











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comedyLive MusicLiverpoolPoetryThursday


Hi Everybody

Im very excited  not only because its 2 DAYS TILL PROS & COMS but also we have hot water comedy's finest Paul Smith joining us. other guest include Stephen L Smith and Denis Joe

show starts at 8pm see you there. 88-90 lark lane, aigburth L17 8UU.

and its still free

Paul In action




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My one day friend, Mark

entry picture

  To Liverpool

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
On Vernon street
Off Dale street
I sat near the sidewalk
At the edge
Like a broken bridge
People were passing
With their robot walking
Sea gulls felt my pain
Also did the rain
And my one day friend Mark
Who heard the voice of gulls in my heart
And my desire to start
His frien...

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Pros & Coms 7th March

entry picture

Hi Everyone.

Only 2 days to go till Pros and Coms. Poets for the evening are Liam Brady and Ged Thompson. Music by Simon Mckelvie. Comedians include Paul Cook. We are all looking forward to it and we hope you are too.


Thursday 7th of March

Vinyl Bar 88-90 Lark Lane, L17 8UU.

Door Open at 7pm.

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In The Red Magazine, The Scarf Game

entry picture

Hello all!

A bit of a plug here for Issue 8 of In The Red Magazine, which is being launched in Chameleon Bar in Liverpool City Centre this sunday at 6pm. It will be available to purchase in News From Nowhere on Bold Street and other locations.

My poem, The Scarf Game will be printed, (hence the plug) I have included a preview from the middle of the poem-  buy the magazine for the full v...

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