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Green star cluster

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Sipping red juice, cigarettes leaf loose, filter tip flick brush fire
The truth from a liar, a bullet from a Steyr AUG, hitting meat
The mercy seat is open, we're still hoping on a miracle
Melts away like summer sun creamsicles, removed like tonsils
Swerve low sweet cherry fly, come on through let's get real high
Forget about the world and the hurdles jumped through to grow old and die

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bipolarCamel filtersdepressionwhatever


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Glad to hear your voice 
Happy to be with you 
Always, you're very nice 
Whatever you say or do 


Lucky, to be your friend 
To share you fact and fun 
Forever together no end 
Shining heart as the sun 


Among thousand fans 
We're the mates in reality 
Sharing act and talks
Hearts believe in Honesty

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Moon Haiku (or 'How Poets Can Pale Into Insignificance')

Full moon wreathed in cloud

like black pepper smudged on white

ghostly negative.

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1981, the year a blue stencil,

verso, gloss off-white,

unstuck blu-tacked, loose framed,

sun-curled image

your grin and your cow-lick,

and causal wear,

your ghost in my machine.

A bawling, squall, curtains

of hail and rain hang outside,

ladder, paint, spots and tans

and frayed carpet,

the dark, shaggy corner swamp,

where I found you, sideways-stacked,


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