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His Shining

Handed down from unknown ages,
a secret locket carried from birth,
an inscribed angelic amulet
--barely noticeable, but
always with him

Its ancestral origin was unknown,
it dangled above the baby boy,
a spinning mobile before his wide eyes
watching and calling,
the boy cooed at it
and heard an ancient name then,
now, and to come

He rode his tricycle down a big hill,
a dump truck w...

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Glad to hear your voice 
Happy to be with you 
Always, you're very nice 
Whatever you say or do 


Lucky, to be your friend 
To share you fact and fun 
Forever together no end 
Shining heart as the sun 


Among thousand fans 
We're the mates in reality 
Sharing act and talks
Hearts believe in Honesty

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Into the Woods

We were lame and we were young,

Walking in the woods,

While singing our song,

Never in my dreams, felt anything wrong,

Thought you were always coming along,

Do not remember where exactly I lost you,

My eyes searched for you in heavy fog,

I continued my journey amidst the rocks,

Shivered through-out the night,

Darkness was blocking my sight,

Always thought that you wer...

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I’m throwing out light

Wherever I go

Making everyone’s day

So warm and bright

I’m gleaming, I’m shining.


Touching everyone with my glow

Wherever I go

Illuminating, providing insight

So everyone will know

I’m radiant, I’m shining


Light exploding all around

Wherever I go

Mirror-ball shards of light

Each dark corner is found

I’m re...

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