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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

In New Wave days and times of Kitchen Sink,

The Club could seem the centre of the world.

Spent workers went inside to swallow drink;

Tempers might flare, cheap insults would be hurled.


Booze sharpened anger, retribution swelled,

As unattended wives would cast a glance;

The sum of all emotions was expelled

In cold revenge with little left to chance.


And there’s a h...

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New WaveFilmworking class

Cinematic Dream

I'll sit and stare at the television
Get lost in this virtual prison
Life is not easy no yellow brick road
Or matrix created by some dark code
The sum of all fears, dreams on elm street
Jason and Michael a Halloween treat
Escape from a prison, follow schindlers list
Down eight mile, to listen to diss
Maybe get shorty, like a dark John Wick
Equaliser, rambo you take your pick
Chaos and ma...

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Indiana Jones and the Denial of Decrepitude

Yes I did see the latest Indiana Jones...


  Indiana Jones and the never-ending franchise train,

  Indiana Jones and the nazis have come back again.

  Indiana Jones and the new de-ageing technologies, 

  Indiana Jones and the glowing commercial opportunities. 


  Indiana Jones and the implausible car chase scenes,

  Indiana Jones and the guns that never do anything. 


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filmIndiana JonesAgeing

Green Book

I watched a film called Green Book last night,


About a black classical pianist’s plight,


Featuring: good cops, and bad cops


And pompous balloons POPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buon Natale, and the light of love’s might.

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FilmGreen BookBuon NataleLove

Movies at Midnight

Streams of consciousness,
Trapped in a panoply of celluloids
And abandoned plastic films,
Catch my eye.

I share them on the big screen
Where silent silver stills breathe
And glide across skylines
At midnight.

They inch closer to me.
The starry-eyed starlets seal
The gulf that lies
Between our eyes,
And fill my ears
With secrets and whispers
That I've heard before
In theatres, st...

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Poetry Film 'The Quality of Mersey'

The film version of the poetry anthology 'The Quality of Mersey' had its premiere with Wirral Festival of Firsts earlier this month. The film showcases eight poems, beginning at the source and then ending at the river's mouth.

The film is available to watch here:

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My favourite things: one more time with real emotion

Caring crusaders and daring debaters

Emmeline, Greta, Ruth

Your voices sound loud with the bold toll of truth.

Uncowed and defiant. You refused to give in.

Life-changing campaigning is a wonderful thing.


Marathon runners: hard-trained and focused 

With miles in your strides

And pain hardly noticed.

Everyday heroes with strength in your limbs

Your drive and passion a...

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You can't Streep poverty under the carpet... - NaPoWriMo Day 9

A silence fell upon the city,

contorted shadows twisting moonlight.

Stuttering in a speakeasy seemed so misplaced

bottles rattled flickering like Fedora feathers

in an unforgiving wind.


The wretched odour of deprivation

a stench that sticks and degrades ones existence.

Even by day this city remains a lifeless sap

and by night the vampires feast on th...

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Natalie. Roberto


Natalie. Roberto

Oh my dear friend Roberto. I remember back to our time, when we made love. Not the last time but the time before. When you were doing your college film studies and were so happy on your future. It was you who said, “Nat, I’ll make the best film ever made.” And his dear eyes were so full of passion, life and innocence. And a love so powerful, I cried, right there. Love...

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