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A Man Desire

One day I will wake up in your arms.. And I will shine by your Charm.. Without any stress without any tension holding hand in hand.. A diamond will be shining in my babies finger as we will be walking on soft sand.. Happy will be you happiest will be me.. I will be your perfect husband that I always want to be..

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Also by Krishna Sharma:

Krish Poetry |


I lost a school friend this week to cancer

found out by chance on Facebook

we shared close times

in a band together

travelled on bikes when summers were young

challenged each other in photography

found out by chance on Facebook

while casually trawling

to find something mildly enthralling.


The statement came up ungarnished

amongst the litany of rants

dogs doing...

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Also by ray pool:


Fallen Leaves

entry picture

The russet leaves are scattered all around,

As urban trees cast off their summer clothes,

And in the pool that fills them on the ground

Reflects the naked limbs that they expose.


They seem to claw up to the cold grey sky,

To drag down icy snow and freezing rain,

As happened during every year gone by,

And winter comes around this year again.

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

In Waking Dream | Delusions Of Literacy | Anarchy | Reality TV | as you pass | Christmas Is Not Here Yet! | Autumn Haibun | Curry | Snowflakes | I’ll Go As I Damn Please Into The Night | Grumpy Rant | Just Another Morning | So Long, Leonard | Last Night | Waterfall | Spring Palindrome | Spring Woodland | Icy blast | Dark Enchantress |


Speaks volumes

through the soul.

Yet pierces so deep,

No words, nor sound.

With feelings untold.

The mind is racing 

with thoughts so strong,

but the heart has been hurt,

so the mouth won't speak.

Express what you feel,

so the heart can be free.

Open to love,

because it's all that it needs.


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Also by Dara Smith:

The Attraction |

upon this tidal wave of young blood

My mind is a tomb where the gods sleep 

To awaken in my dreams 

Past and future blur in to the present 

My hearts ink bleeds, staining the parchment of the days 

It took my mother three days to evict me from her soft place 

Aching for the blade to cut me out 

Peeling the flesh from the sacred ground 

An explosion of screaming guilt and bloody flesh 

To lay roots at the foot...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

take me to tokyo where the lights may blind me | a clenched fist full of your ribs, balaam, would mend the ways of many who are lost at sea | morning dew | lay my neck on this block of wood but make it one clean swing | cracked |

Done again

A brain that’s been tapped and tinkered is suddenly transformed.

A soul that’s been prodded and pulled is carefully put back in its place.

Thoughts have been dusted and polished and put away in their boxes.

A gut that been untangled, unknotted, instead now tied in a bow.


But then the scars to the brain have split.

The crack in its box is on display.

A scratch to the soul wan...

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It's time I die

Shoot me or slay me

Or hang me up high

Stone me and bleed me

Please kill me, it’s time I die.


I have been to places

from east to west

I have heard you all enough

fake laughter and jest


’Was taught to fear and pray

All throughout a day

’Was taught to have faith in you

You washed faith away


Wouldn’t mind being murdered

butchered or beheaded


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Also by Deshik Dutta:

A Dream |



Quadrennial quacks

Quantifiably questioned

Quotations quashed quick


Quondam quarrels queue

Quislings quibbling, quiver

Quietly quelling 


Quagmires quaking

Qualified queues quiescing

Quintessential quos


Quixotic quorums

Quadrilaterally quest

Quicksand quandary

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Also by Jake Vincent Belmont:

P |

Mr Fantismo and The Pirates

Pull Mister Fantismo to the plank, feed the sharks
Said the pirate's captain to the rest of the crew
As our hero was caught getting the map's preview
And with his memory, remembering the marks

As he jumps from the plank onto the dolphin's back
Avoiding the cannon and now with the ship's chase
Speeding through obstacles and getting some free space
Arriving at island to gather treasure trac...

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Also by Louis Audet:

Mr Fantismo and underwater soccer | Mr Fantismo and Napoleon | The great flood | The swag | Daughter | Wireless | Couple | Survival | Threesome | Our great nation | Kissing her | To be close | Same road | Swing | Fantasy | Mother Nature | Cotton | Losing it | The sinking | Mr Fantismo at the hypnotist | The deal | My next boyfriend | Frost bite | Fog | Slow down | Mexican Festival | Monopoly | Marry | Fight | Banana | The student | Mr Fluffy | Beautiful | The Fishes in the Sea | Smile for me | Hotel Fun | Mr Fantismo and the game | Danger Sign | Delivering |


fool' em-fuck 'em-fleece 'em!

A not so gallant enchanter

met a charming but gullible enchantress

the shameful aim of his game was first to set her heart aflame

then make her end up dress,shoes,bra,and pant-less


she overcome by her cravings

to her dignity soon goodbye would be waving

she would give her high teeth for his sexual relief

while he tried to relieve her of post office savings



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Also by Rose Casserley:

OMG! its that time of year when I have to kiss Granny! | ale house parishioner | us? human beings? don't make me fucking-CRY! | the day my brains fell asleep | my fucking absolute fucking detestations of fucking football fucking fixations! | floundering | party dress dreams | bojanglesque | bringing him home | we tasted honey | looking through Greta Garbo's eyes | split descision | enforcement of pulpit propelled fire and brimstone | where do you go to my rubbery | loadsa(your)money! | beyond enough | roughly bonked |




The take is always stalking, 

What will it be?

Hold off and it will wait…

Now don’t be afraid….

What of the consequence….?

That’ old familiar wave…

It may weigh on you like chains—

but it goes back from where it came!

And the forgiveness of its wake,

that amniotic calm…

Theres safety in the take!

Theres absolution.

Theres power.

Theres satisfac...

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Also by Brent Cameron:

Dear friend..no more needles | bring me my eyes |

Claire`s hair


It`s a fall! A drop!

Sheer from the top

Joy to the sight it is.

A drape! A cape!

Sleek on her neck`s nape,

A helmet of light it is.


It`s a spilled sluice

Of gold juice

At the vintage-squeeze it is.

(The slight stir

Of one hair

Caught in the breeze it is.)


It`s the deep gleam

Of that oak beam

At the head of the stairs it is.

The silk glow


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Also by Harry O`N eill:

About Jumbo | `I`m not a politician`...Trump | Gerasimos...of Gaios | That`s what we elected them for |

I saw my soul cry black drops,

As I sat on the throne talking to god,

Its not like im lonley, I got more to do,

There are plenty of women out there, Other than you,


This is the only way forward, I shiver and shake,

Trying to hold onto a love we cant make,

And I cant try patience I have waited for you,

Not much to go, just the odd clue,


Get bad ass baby, do whateve...

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Also by Kevin Pugh:

My day today (Pressure and Bullshit) | My Love | On the run | On the run | The End | Roses | Poker face | The Devil Rides, | Hell | Slow train | (untitled) | Pure no more, | Wood. | Mother Ireland, | Old Times | The Mystery that is me | Im down with the Devil | Gimme the good stuff, | Lousy | Beuty | Soul | Purity | Ana | God Loves Bob Marley | Magic and Peace | The Warrior Prince | Goodnight Lovers | Shine a light, | The red Bull | A November day with no money to pay | Greed | Water and Whiskey | I ain't gonna die | Purple | Micks | Sunshine | Apples | The crucification lasted forever. | Sleeping Dogs | Father | Before the Garden | I AM THE SKY | 18 | Jesus was one of Many | My Love | Net | The urn again | Leon | The Pencil | A Distant Light | The Rose | Jail | Dark Moon | Wisdom' Curse |

Pondering Paradise

We dream of paradise
It's there in our eyes
When they are closed
And nobody even knows
Which way the wind blows. 

We dream of redemption 
Mercy for our temptation 
We want to right our wrongs 
So we can hear the songs
That the tropical birds sing
We know He is listening 
We don't know what Future brings
We only what's happening 
To us now 
As we frown  
Eyes cast down 
Wondering ...

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entry picture

Let me write you there where my poems fail,

where endings are new beginnings.

Two aging strand ends, two baby lip ends,
two porous tongue ends, two bone finger ends

in line after lines, repeating, 
'successive matings, successive deaths is also a line'.

Let me call you there where my being searches for its lost,

where hollowness continues as a road.

An extended yet temporary ki...

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Calamity John

Calamity John


With and an old man’s eyes and a young man’s wink

Calamity John sat down to drink

His fingers stained with nicotine

While he talked about what might of been

And a look of misadventure never found.


He’d travelled the world from an old arm chair

With a remote control as he sat there

Making plans he’d later piss against the wall


And now and then...

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Don't even blink

Inertia be damned.

Every time you look at me

It's been too long.

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..too busy being a misfit

and couldn't become a lover--


roving every earthly scene

just to find a home.


Lifting through

the thick fog

that besets me,


I'm turning on

the search lights--

looking for that place


where gravity seeks

lands legends key

and puzzles mislaid piece.

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Also by nunya:

unto the newly borne.. | blowback | needled | erode | my old school | unreachable |

Dispersal of innocence

First to be disrobed is shyness before undressing coyly

knowing not of how to tease

we leave words to drown in silence

allowing only each others touch to please.


Candle light softly floating

enhancing sweetly this living dream

O slow! go slow dear precious night

let love make long the hours seem. 

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Also by Jemima Jones:

Betrayal of a post impressionist | The reasons why I must go litter picking | Esperantist of the soul | linkage | in recognition of the fall | Street meat |

Last Night You Held My Skin Between Your Fingertips

Last night you held my skin between your fingertips;
You washed slow kisses upon my parted lips.
Last night you drew circles across my across my thighs, upon my naked knee;
And gave your closeness to me.

Last night you left lotus-marks upon my throat,
Your eyes seethed against mine, where I had grown remote.
Last night the night lengthened to conceal in billows of silk bliss
The aching me...

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Also by Merritt:

Strawberry Punch | Horrible Bliss | The Fish | Don't Tell Me That You've Been to the Sea at Night | I Love Too Fast | You Do Not Go From Me Violently | Where Is My Home Among These Mountains? |


A Song for Europe

In fifteen eighty eight the Spanish navy came to fight

To claim the crown King Philip thought was his god-given right

Now millions of us fly to Spanish islands in the sun

The wars are long forgotten, the Armada is long gone


So sing for Europe, sing for peace, and sing to make amends

Let’s raise a glass of sangria to all our Spanish friends


The French are nearer neighbou...

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Also by Joe Williams:

Brontosaurus |



I'm sorry but I don't believe enough is being done . Things are kept quiet things are put on hold . And the truth is not being told .We teach our children to be good always fare . And should always be aware of danger . To trust and yes to seek . But things are not always what it seems . Why do they pander to some people doing harm .Why do they resist the truth and then out comes all the harm . The...

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Anti-climatical paradox

 It is an anti-climactical relapse into the repression and suppression of life. 

You'll be on a cloud of positivity held in the captivity of optimism. 

And then as if your minds been hit by a tun of bricks that indicate the euphemism of the candidness of reality.


 As you get older you realise that the higher you climb the further it is to fall, 

so you get indecisive between the f...

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Also by Connie Walter:

Formidable Love | rudely interrupted | 3am | Loving ourselves |

anticlimaxcontentmenteuphemismfailureglobalisationhappinessjourneylifelovemodern lifeParadoxrealitysuccesstechnology

For the one who will never love me for me

entry picture

Here I am, pinned onto your cross of hate.

Each day I feel there’s no more room for you to pound another nail into my body, you find a way. 

Each time you nail me to your cross, hoping to find my soul, you’ve missed.

You won’t break me. 

I will not bow down to your level of petty and spite. 

Maybe you can tell us what it's like to have such a clean closet filled with the cleanest of...

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Also by Dana Lee:

a letter to my soon to be ex husband |

smoking cigarettes at gas stations

You blow up your pain and burst into vapor
Loving the smell of dangerous nature 

Drink to all things you'll get to later
didn't know you'd grow into a tree with flames in your craters


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Also by Youthfullyxx:

Thoughts scare us | When you get upset it overflows | new jeans | spiritual and religious | We exchange stories that change us forever | Alone | Diary |

burning out

everything burns when you're made of fire

energy intoxicates me

the happiness is electrifying

the jealousy is inebriating

desire like a drug.

depression consumes me

my limbs persevere in their shaking and the muscle in my soul rattles.

i fall in abyss like sleep.

i always float on my ocean of petrol

with anxiety i just hold the match.

the flame doesn't flicker.

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burning out

Fidel Castro - R.I.P.

entry picture


If you need a dictator I’m your main man

I will serve my people the best that I can

All I ever wanted was to set Cubans free

One of the best friends that I ever had

Che Guevara a soldier and brother in arms

When they executed you hombre I was sad


If you want a revolution go to war with me

I will fight to the bitter end just you see

I’m not afraid of the weak imper...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. | Leonard Norman Cohen - R.I.P. | Transylvanian Encounter |

A true image

mirror mirror on the wall

its the hardest thing i've ever talked 

y m i judged with nothing i've ever done

is it the greatest gift i've ever won?

y do people always talk negative about me?

is this my popularity or someone's greed,

isn't my heart enough to potray what i m

is it that necessary to become anyone who i never m

y it always happens to me?

this is what m holding...

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Also by anni always:

(untitled) |

For the Man to be

entry picture

Let me walk holding your little finger and feel safe;

I know you would walk with me and not strafe

Let me find my world in those beautiful dark eyes

I am sure they donot say lies

Let me loose myself in those dependable arms;

And I know nothing in the world can cause me any harms

Let me pull your cute little nose

For which you for sure cannot oppose

Let me play with those bi...

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Also by Krati Singhal:

Ford Anthem | I wish I had someone | I Believe, I Dream, I aspire ….. | And i saw her going !!!! | I smiled , but i didnt | Love needs a reason ? |

Norman Names Still Considerably Richer

This is the research about Norman names alluded to in the November meeting:

People with "Norman" surnames like Darcy and Mandeville are still wealthier than the general population 1,000 years after their descendants conquered Britain:




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Also by Stockport WoL:

November 2016 Collage Poem: Forking Paths | November 16th Creative Network Meeting |

norman names


entry picture

(A re-post from 2012, the 50th anniversary, but now apt again)


I’d never heard my mum or dad speak like that before

“Shut up!” they shouted as we played upon the kitchen floor

This photograph of memory will live for evermore.


An overbearing silence between us then ensues

Embarrassingly trodden on by the TV’s news

A charge of domesticity we kids feared to defuse.



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Also by John Coopey:


Collaborating In Memory (Remix)

A very very different version of Collaborating in Memory can be found last year on my blog but i just wanted to let you all know that's its been published on Creative talents unleashed


All been good, this should be in my next full length book 'From the Diabetic Ward'. 

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Also by Andy N:

The Ghost of Dukinfield Cemetery |


Screen of sky

Scroll up, scroll down

Light breaks, night-wreaks

Memories breathe, feelings sigh

Amongst his status updates


© Juhi Gupte

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Also by Juhi Gupte:

Micropoetry | Narcissist & the Empath | Have been a mother, will I be a mom? |

Wrote a Symphony

I dreamed i wrote a poem with words wisdom and notes of beauty

Somthing so sound it could of woke sleeping beauty the queen of the east 

Joined hands with the demon of the west when i write it's not to write at you i got a pen and paper how could i attack you

What cause words hurt 

I mean they tickle a little but action is what makes a mistake 

You wanted something calling you out i...

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Also by Jay:

Running Trains | Memories |


Never Change

11/5 early morning slip-ups

strike you down.

The hunger is ugly.

Early smoke in the sunrise

beckons a call to the forlorn

finding company with

those that cast shadows and cloud

the windsheild.


Cold, Cold, Cold,


numb finger tips

tuning the radio dial,

searching for old solice


the stuttering roar of the automobile.


I remeber her explor...

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The Wall..

entry picture

                     The  Wall.. by  Robert  Eunson.
This is the place where dove's are nailed to stone..
Where the words we exist to resist, are written on the wall and where the spray can is mightier than the sword.
The year's of endless suffering..the check points..the land grab.the ilegal settlements.
The fear on both sides..The hate on both sides .The death on both sides.             

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Not Dead, Just Messy

Nietzsche got it wrong
And though I’ve often heard it said
I think I’m sure of it myself
Yes - I know I am not dead

I never died, nor was I born
I am older than the Earth
And as for all the stars around
I oversaw their birth

I am ancient.  Modern.  Wise
Sager than the sage
Though not as great as once I was
But I put that down to age

I remember when I started
On a creative cuisin...

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Also by David Lindsay:

Listen | Wordsworth |

Journey Through A Psychotic Break (entry 1)

As long as I could connect and make the words flow I painted the world in my lyrics. At first I found muse even in the smallest of things. As I learned more my words grew and expanded. Rhythm fell in place and danced in my provocative scenes. But the sun's rays no longer see the point ink upon parchment. Death and macabre bleeds out. Happiness seems nonexistent. Ravens cries "Nevermore" as I sit b...

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Also by Lilly Star:

Forever Died |

Is There Somewhere



I'm sorry, but I fell in love tonight.

With every stolen glance,

and every single chance,

I just can't help but feel this is right.


Without you I am hopeless.

And hapiness seems too far to reach.

I am holding onto you, like a wave grasps a beach.

I am under your spell of hyposnis.


Forever, it's true.

Three words,

Eight letters,

I love you...

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Not just a doll

I don't just sit on a shelf

Waiting for you to pick me up

To think I am pretty

Despite the dust


So don't just think of me

Talk to me

Message me

Learn who I am


If I am there

Talk to me

Listen to me

Learn who I am


I will take myself of this shelf

Because I don't want to be 

Be that unwanted toy 

I have value and not just in memories

So l...

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Also by Samantha Howard:

A letter to the mother of the man I love |


entry picture


What level have you reached today?

Outside no change

Inside to blame

Soaking the skin of someone

Dripping yourself in

Open ears, eyes, pores and sores

Seeking roots

You decay


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Less Than Human

entry picture

Less Than Human


Crash landed on this barren planet

Twenty seven forty three

Co-pilot killed on impact

And eaten eventually

There’s no food in the food hold

Incinerated by the heat

I’m trapped here in the cockpit

With the bones of Corporal Lee


Got out through the meteor shield

By use of a sharpened shin

That I made into a passable axe

By very careful ho...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Votive Offering | USMF | Red Poppies On An Autumn Day |

cannibalmetaphor for cosmetic surgerysci-fiscifi pastichesurgery


entry picture


an immortal invisibilty

abiding in everything everywhere

even within and immeasureably beyond

the pitiless realms of death.


Relentless traveller

greatly outdistancing

and indiscriminately retrieving


its short lived loan

from the futile graspings

of all things mortal




© Patricia Wilde 24th ...

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

After lighting a match | Hearth for an avian | (Dis)member(er) of Parliament | Haiku: Death train | Towards revelation | Bric-a-bra(atti)c |

Someone You Know but You Don't Know

Two hello smiles

simultaneously sharing complementary

good mornings together.


Few years later

we meet again

somewhere completely different.


Two hello smiles

simultaneously sharing complementary

good mornings together.


My friend asks

Who is that?

eagerly awaiting reply.


A passing face

busy City traveller

catching delayed train.



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Also by Nigel Astell:

The Ghost of Captain Dick |

Pushing past people in the busy rush hour crowd

My joy is mine

Whatever you try to do, you can't
take that joy away from me.

My joy is mine

I cried when you inflicted me, but the joy
within me comforted my soul.

You would never understand why I smile.

You would never know why I ignore the hateful things said about me, or my people.

I have joy within me that you could never tear down.

Like oil cleaving to my skin, I am clothed with love.

My water re...

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Also by Michelle Smith:

Time to wake up | I can't just walk away | What is love? | Janel and Danny | Whisper | Life is too short |

Fall back

Fall Back


The clocks have gone back; Here comes Winter.

The clocks have gone back to the 1930’s.

Cold comfort colours, a siege down the Legion,

old soldiers shields for murkier manoeuvres.


The clocks have gone back; Here comes Winter.

Once again it’s OK to say “send ‘em back.”

Chunks of sunny time flutter dying through branches

Where we built our kids’ futures lik...

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Also by Jimmy Andrex:

Andrex comes out....of the attic |

Character flaws


I am Sleeping Beauty
Rapunzel, Snow White and Gretel
I am Little Red Riding Hood
The Princess and the Pea
I am Alice in Wonderland
Harriet the Spy
I am Darrell from Mallory Towers
Pippi Longstocking and the Worst Witch
I am Milly Molly Mandy
Narnia's Lucy Pevensie
I am Ginger in Just William
Not Violet Elizabeth Bott
I am Charlie in the chocolate factory
Not Veruca Salt
I am Tra...

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Gazing down at stained water in a slow draining sink,

Arrested me in mid-motion and caused me to think -

Absent mindedly wiping a newly clean cup.....

How we go day to day until we're all washed up.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Goose on the loose

Since back then and still now

ideas of life that only I come about

ideas of life That I have been chasing around

some seem far fetched considering how I've turned out

some still alive and I will never know how

some disappeared and will never be found

others are sneaky and don't make a sound

Ideas galore so many inside me they could compose a whole town

ideas of life storm m...

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Also by Cat Martin:

World |


Desperation drives me to distraction.
How I crave the sweet embrace
that caresses me to sleep.
My wonderland, my sweet utopia,
lost at sea and out of reach.

Misery arrives as happiness abandons
and my frustrations get the better.

I subside, slip away,
fall back into myself,
alleviate the ache.

For nobody,
can save me from the pain
inside my brain,
my morbid hate,
the d...

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Also by MyDystopiA:

Hit and Miss |

living with addiction

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