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Running Trains

The last man last time looking

How far has he come and where is he looking

His bag is getting heavy he feels a little tired

The kids stop just to admire

His stature, Thier parents tell them dont stare please 

But all this makes the man feel at ease

He grabs his ticket like a eagle grabbing its prey

The teller guesses this man had a really long day

Trench coat thick black glasses no telling if he is blind or not

But he is headed to where we will not

We will not visit oh no not unless we made a mistake

The clank of his bag is now annoying him he drops it 

Pushes it on the wall i heard a click click oh it was just his soda pop?

Did he ever go to the machine i was not watching 

All i know is that i was staring at some far rock

Chooooooo i hear this train zooming in 

Its headed for lifes end but why am i hear i ask myself?

To pass the time i analyze this man once again 

No mask but a scarf that is just as good 

And a scar on his right hand i swear i can feel what he's been in

Or through i dont know my words are even slurring

Am i pressing on him because of my own insecurites 

No im not crazy i just heard the click again

Nope thats another train showing up at the station 

This one was headed to frustration 

A place i have visited without any hesitation now i sit here drinking my alchol studying this strange character once more

The train that just passed was second to last

No i heard a click this one couldnt be a train

That kid that wouldnt stop looking went first 

Then the teller he judged him next

His gun of impurity staring me in my pupil

What did i do to you?

You judged me to he said while exhailing 

Well yes he killed me then ran for that last train to hell 

Why did you have to take us with you 

Why not ride alone 

Because misery needs company and you choose us perfectly its okay 

Ill be at this station tomorrow hopefully ill catch a sorry sucker 

Nevermind i missed the last train so now im running on this last one 

Im tired of being creative just let me be the same as the rest 

The trains that are running have been to hell and back

And never ending circle have you been to that  

Where the trains aint running on tracks 

They just hitting foward and back?

break the cycle

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