I Love Too Fast

I love too fast; I want too much.
I’m awake late at night when I think of your touch—
It isn’t a virtue, I couldn’t call it such
I’m a fool; it’s a burden I must carry.

And you’re right to be wary.
I’d even call myself very
Very vain, full of airs
Caught in so many affairs—
Maybe two—maybe more.
Maybe four—it’s not true
I want you,
Won’t you kiss me?
Won’t you ever ever miss me?

Now I’ll learn to behave
And be ever so grave
And dear, be your slave
‘Til you give me a chance:
Just a glance!
Or a kiss,
Or a phrase that’s so clever,
Yes, I’ll love you forever
If you’ll make me a vow.
Let’s run away right now.

Let’s run away this minute,
To a moon-sodden beach
My lips taste like a peach
And you’re just like a dream—
Life’s so mean.
And so hard
Let’s just make up something together
And not worry now whether
It’s wrong or it’s right—

And I’m awake late at night, because I don’t want to fight
I’m a fool that I lost you.
That I crushed you and crossed you
That my foibles exhaust you—
My conceits are my own cross to bear.

Because I love too fast and feel too much despair.
You know well—all my vices, my sins, you were there—
But you know that I care.
Though I loved you too late—
Wretched fate
Of my own painful making.


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