Fall back

Fall Back


The clocks have gone back; Here comes Winter.

The clocks have gone back to the 1930’s.

Cold comfort colours, a siege down the Legion,

old soldiers shields for murkier manoeuvres.


The clocks have gone back; Here comes Winter.

Once again it’s OK to say “send ‘em back.”

Chunks of sunny time flutter dying through branches

Where we built our kids’ futures like wendy houses.


Here comes Winter, so get a decent coat

made of ideals.  Confront the hateful chill

of drip-fed rage and forage in forgotten books.

Kindle fires for chapped lips.  Build a makeshift boat


for unquestioning floods from whipped up storms

and then some.  Wrap up warm

in giving beliefs, share compassion,

pink eyes stinging with callous burdens


that seem beyond our capacity to cope

and our collective ability to hope. 


The clocks have gone back, so gather together

for shivering support, for talking and thinking,

not instantly sharing Assumption’s lies.

Face Winter’s sleet, rub our eyes,


for if there’s ever to be a Spring,

It might begin when just one winner

Says’ “No more.  Enough.”

In the silence that follows, birds might chime in.

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Jimmy Andrex

Mon 28th Nov 2016 20:46

Thanks all of you for your comments. I've been writing lots of bleak stuff lately so I was trying to be less gloomy ha ha! I've also been tinkering with this a lot, so I'm updating it now.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 27th Nov 2016 14:00

"Fall back" summons up the concept of regrouping and
regaining strength to try again...and have their own
persuasive worth in the belief that all is not yet lost.
These lines evoke that spirit across a wider spectrum.

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Greg Freeman

Thu 24th Nov 2016 10:00

Nicely put, Jimmy. Needs to be said.

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