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Joe Grego on Her (Wed, 16 Nov 2016 02:06 pm)

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Little things do really matter
It's never the big ones
It's those tiny moments that make all the difference
I'm staring at the sky now and it's beautiful
Like a child splashing paint
The designs I can't understand
But I can dazzle at what the stars have drawn
In all their glitter and wonder
The moon giving way, lying low
Letting them shine with wonder
With all this beauty around me
It w...

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A request for my heart

Mon Cherrie, I wrote a letter
To you it was addressed
But i hear It was sent to another
By the lord I believe it wasn't yours to see
For it expressed the love you showed not in return
My heart with you I require
Love and care you have showed it not
it dies and withers and grows older by day
I have seen another and by a touch we were aflame
I require my heart that I may love again
I know ...

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Life's Mirage

Hickory dickory dock
said the rat that went up the clock
so I sang as a child
all day a play day
with nothing on my minds eye
Always an adventure on the morrow
Always wanted to know 
What it would be like
To be an adult on the field
Richer a man would I be
If a dime was paid on every thought
Years later in the field
I wanted the child's way
So I dropped my tools of work
And went on a...

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she was in white and black
hair draped behind to the neck
my eyes should be closed but,
I couldn't stop the lure to look at her skin
it shows just beneath the edge of her skirt
I'm all smile for reason I don't know
but when she stands and the rays pass
she's heaven in the purest of sins


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