I'm lying awake at 3am

Why am I never intoxicated with positivity? 

Why aren't I a fountain of enthusiasm?

Why can't I see the euphemistic light in this unilluminated darkness?


I'm lying awake at 3am

All of my uncertainties are overwhelming 

The formidable anxiety I've become acclimated with seeps in through open wounds

And yet I've learned to find tranquility in this restless, sleep deprived, disconsolate state that I find myself in every night. 


I'm lying awake at 3am 

Finding peace in dismality and solitude is a beautifully tragic affair. 

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Connie Walter

Thu 3rd Nov 2016 11:06

Thank you Michelle ☺️
No I haven't Stephen .. Perhaps it's something I should try .. We all have our demons I suppose xx

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Mel C

Wed 2nd Nov 2016 22:34

Can totally connect to this 3AM....no sleep thing. Absolutely!! Maybe a good time to try to use my creativity...or just be...until I find tranquiluty for the night....like you are able. But can relate to needing that sleep...so badly...and being awake in the middle of the night...love this!!

Stephen Boocock

Wed 2nd Nov 2016 21:10

Have you tried mediation Connie. Slow breathing 10 or 15 minutes it dose wonders for anxiety. I've been where you are and sympathise

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