A Song for Europe

In fifteen eighty eight the Spanish navy came to fight

To claim the crown King Philip thought was his god-given right

Now millions of us fly to Spanish islands in the sun

The wars are long forgotten, the Armada is long gone


So sing for Europe, sing for peace, and sing to make amends

Let’s raise a glass of sangria to all our Spanish friends


The French are nearer neighbours and we fought against them too

Won victories at Agincourt, Trafalgar, Waterloo

But now we go for booze cruises and weekends of romance

Those battles are behind us, we’ve an entente now with France


So sing for Europe, sing for peace, and sing to make amends

Let’s raise a glass of fine champagne to all our Gallic friends


And then it was the Germans who became our enemy

We fought them on the beaches, in the air, at land and sea

But now there’s peace between us and the wounds of war have healed

The battles that we fight today are on the football field


So sing for Europe, sing for peace, and sing to make amends

Let’s raise a glass of Warsteiner to all our German friends


Now Europe is united and there’s no more need for war

The Berlin Wall came down, the Iron Curtain is no more

Though Britain voted for divorce, said we should stand apart

Still many of us here hold Europe fondly in our heart


So sing for Europe, sing for peace, and sing to make amends

Let’s raise a cup of tea to all our European friends


Let’s sing for Europe, sing for peace, and sing a sad farewell

To Europe and our friends there - here’s to you, we wish you well


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 1st Dec 2016 17:53

In fairness to myself and others, I have never taken an
"anti-European" attitude. I've watched the way the
situation evolved - from trading to an increasingly
political position, with no retrospective referral to the
public mandate when treaty after treaty was signed by
the politically employed in government(s) with barely
concealed contempt/disregard for the peoples they
supposedly served while they went on their way to
a federal Europe, led by those whose various martial
efforts to achieve and run the same "show" had failed.
It is no accident that the EU likes to call itself "Europe"
when defending its position...so comforting - yet as
deceptive and misleading as the stealthy steps taken
from a Common Market to the all-controlling "European Union".
Give me the nations and peoples of Europe. You can
keep the EU.

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Joe Williams

Wed 30th Nov 2016 21:59

Thanks guys. I don't make any secret about the fact that I personally was, and continue to be, a committed Remain voter, but I tried not to make the poem too heavily or obviously about that position, and more about people and friendship, the international community, and of course peace, things that I hope will continue in a positive fashion when (if?) Brexit is eventually completed.

It's therefore pleasing to me that MC Newberry appreciates the sentiment of the poem even though it sounds like we're not in agreement about the politics behind it.

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Harry O'Neill

Wed 30th Nov 2016 21:10

I like the way this is open eyed combining the past and the present in our relations with our neighbors in Europe.

It is a very `grown up` example of what our relations with those on our very doorstep should be.

In so far as immigration was a factor in the recent Brexit thing, it should be noted that - -in a vote that was a record turn out on both sides - nearly half of us agreed with you.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 28th Nov 2016 17:38

Worthy open-hearted sentiments.
But such things also include a ski-holiday to Austria
when I had a rude reminder from a local boor in a bar
that memories are not short as far as some over there
are concerned, plus some earlier jibes at unhappy
Brits when Harold Wilson's £50 travel allowance limit was in force & we were mocked in France as the poor neighbours; until North Sea oil kicked in - and then it
was a different matter. With a sister and nephew resident across the Channel, I am perfectly happy
to consider the nations of Europe as good neighbours but have no wish to dance to their tunes
as orchestrated and directed by the cunningly contrived arrogantly ambitious anti-nation state EU.

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Joe Williams

Mon 28th Nov 2016 15:18

Originally published at Algebra of Owls (algebraofowls.com). Thanks to them.

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