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Wrote a Symphony

I dreamed i wrote a poem with words wisdom and notes of beauty

Somthing so sound it could of woke sleeping beauty the queen of the east 

Joined hands with the demon of the west when i write it's not to write at you i got a pen and paper how could i attack you

What cause words hurt 

I mean they tickle a little but action is what makes a mistake 

You wanted something calling you out i hope this rung a bell 

They say they can feel my hate in every line i ever wrote i just hope the see it aint written up the arm 

Just to be dope but i love the time i check out just to spend 

Imma cleaver young activist but id rather use a pen and a sword

Why block the pain when you deserve it i hit a million bumps on this rode and stayed steady

Didnt let nothing rock me off course became the person i dreamed of 

More potential than a brand new baby without a father 

And thats just to the people who said i couldnt get any further 

A play on words an attack on language i broke the barrier because life  got to short 

Some don't even begin but that aint my buisness 

I been hurt like the moon every morning 

Betrayed  but ik its coming  you see the one easily forgetten 

Every night loved but during the day forgotten 

Lets write some music a few high botes and  a few low notes

I been took a brake but i still won't  stop notice me hear me see my work 

Tell me how i did 

Aint yu special when you can't fear death no more 


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