Formidable Love

After a heartbreak you never thought would surpass 

After definitively stating you would never allow yourself to be in a position of vulnerability again 

After truly giving up on the idea of love 

Letting a person in again is terrifying 


Allowing someone the capability to destroy you further

But trusting them not to

Delegating your feelings, sharing your secrets and ultimately allowing them to try and understand the enigma of your love 

That's what I call a formidable love 


Because despite it scaring the shit out of you 

There's nothing in the world that you would rather be doing than opening yourself up to the beautifully petrifying possibility of loving again 

A formidable love is full of fear and consternation

But also hope


And the possibility of waking up on the floor in a puddle of tears after its all over is worth it 

Because there's also a probability of waking up next to someone you love everyday


You could find happiness

Incomparable, unparalleled happiness

And with the brutality of the world and the desolated state of your mind .. 

A formidable love is all a girl could ever hope for. 


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Joe Barrett

Wed 28th Dec 2016 18:53

Beautiful words especially when they come from the heart. Thank you for sharing

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